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Thread: Love Scene?

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    Love Scene?

    I was treated to a sneak peek at 10 minutes of the new "Star Wars" movie Tuesday evening at the ShoWest convention, and it sure looked sexier than the other episodes. Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman display real passion as Anakin and Amidala. They kiss, embrace and touch each other like lovers. In one suggestive scene, Anakin wakes up in bed with a satisfied smile.

    Wow, could it be true??????????
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    Is that a quote or did you actually see 10 minutes of the film?

    If GL wants to preserve a PG rating then I highly doubt there will be a lovemaking scene. If there is, then I will forever lose all respect for GL's vision.
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    big barada,

    you'd be suprised what you can get away with in a PG film. passionate kissing and hinted at, but not seen sex will easily make it into a PG film. heck, i've seen PG-13 films with the F-word and female nudity!

    and if the above scene is a correct description, it's actually necessary if the wedding is to be believable.

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    "satisified smile"

    I'm sure they won't show any of the action, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's implied. Maybe the viewer was reading too much into Hayden's expressions . . . perhaps he was just smiling from "touching each other like lovers"

    Where is this quote from?

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    Well I know if I had just done the nasty with Natalie I would be smiling too!! Come on guys, you know you feel the same way.
    But about the love scene, I wouldnt be surprised to see some physical stuff going on. I mean this is where Luke and Leia come from. We know what they do, but George can only show us so much.
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    Originally posted by JangoFett96
    We know what they do, but George can only show us so much.
    If Luke and Leia are born in Episode III, this scene is going to be important besides it would be really hard to have Padme get pregnant and deliver the twins in the same film. As for see any action, no way in hell, GL would make the scene to suggest that they did the deed without showing it...
    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    Yes this will be a very carefully planned topic, in the origional trilogy we didn't even see Han and Liea use tongues so I doubt we'll be seeing any sex in AOTC, it will just be very descreatly hinted at, such as we see them together in Padmes room getting passionate then that's where the scene ends, when we come back to them we'll just have to presume whats happened.
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    I can see it all now, the 3rd wave of figures from AOTC will feature naked Padme and Anakin figures. Also the sneak peek figure for Ep III will be Padme with birthing action. This will go along nicely with the "action" features that Hasbro seems to be big on now. (pun intended)
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    Yes, I can see it, she has soft rubber like plastic on her belly which when you press inwards it automatically opens her legs and out pops baby Luke, she could also have a little watch battery inside her so that when you do push her belly, she makes screams of Labour pains. Yeah!
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    I'm reaching for the barf bag now...................

    I don't want to see natalie do the nasty with Hayden. I can't see that that would do anything other than satisfy deep cravings in certain fans minds and elswhere... But it really serves no point to see them get up to anything. His smile could be his love and his satisfaction at having turned Padme from stern senator into lover. She does resist his affections quite strongly just the way that Leia did with Han.

    I'd rather see C-3PO mating with a hyperdrive unit to be honest if there's going to be any kind of funny business. Actually Ricky McC was playing down the love story at Sho West. Saying the movie was more action of the blasters and spaceships kind than down and dirty with the kids. This is possibly the first and last time I'm actually going to believe Ricky McC and cling to those words like they were gold.

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