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    Question when does the darth maul sith training wave come out?

    is it in july? i think it is but i'm not 100% sure.........jarjar, if you would grace us with your presence..
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    The Hasbro page says July/August
    Hope this helps
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    yep....we will have them in our area around december then.....
    uh hu
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Same here!
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    it's really starnge because hasbro has been good about getting the stuff out on or before around here latley...except for this's just to depressing anymore....
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    also darth maul sith training wave is supposed to come with yoda
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    Only time will tell....
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    I doubt I'll see them until August.
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    the maul figure should be one of the best of the saga line from what i have seen....

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    I agree with you Darth Narcis, about Maul. You guys are all lucky at my KB they just got in the Nikito wave the time I probably will see the wave is in March 2003. Luckily I have a great Toys R Us!!

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