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    On the surface a lot of the GC games seem totally lame. But there a couple "kiddie" games for it that are actually quite a bit of fun. Pikmin and Monkeyball are excellent games as well that have gotten much attention because of the presumed gaming level that the packaging shows. But I got to tell you these two games are louds of fun and hard as $#!+. It was proven to me that you can't judge a game by its cover

    I got a PS2 as well and just finished MAXIMO: Ghosts to Glory. Quite a lot of fun as well if you dig the Ghosts and Goblins video game from the ol' days of NES.

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    I was thinking about gettting Maximo but decided not to after hearing how hard it is. How was it for you Preacher? Hard, VERY hard or average? I can't stand games that are so stinking hard. I want to get the new Stnutman game but all the reviews that I read say it is REAL hard and that you have to redo levels over and over till you get it right. I hate redoing things so I am gonna stay away from it unless they get a cool cheat code for the game. I too have Super Monkey Ball and I LOVE the bonus game where you roll down the hill and you fly trying to land on those targets. Otherwise the game gets way too hard later in the game which really took away the fun for me out of it.

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    I decided to get a Gamecube instead of an Xbox last Xmas, and looking back I still don't know if I made the right choice. I love my Gamecube and Rogue Leader, but on the other hand there are dozens of games being released on Xbox in the next 6 months that I really want, whereas I STILL only have one game for the Gamecube. (it's a great game, but still...)

    That's changing with the new games coming out for Gamecube, but Xbox still has a lot of great titles. I will say I think the Xbox controller is absolute CRAP next to the amazing Gamecube controller. It's so perfect I don't think I would change a thing on it.
    The Xbox controller is big (even the new, smaller version is a little too big) ugly and awkward to get used to.

    And one more thing to think about: a lot of people seem to think that because the Xbox has better graphics, the Gamecube looks terrible. This is total BS. The Gamecube has some amazing graphics and most of the games that I've seen on the Xbox so far could easily be done the same on Gamecube. That will change in the future, when both consoles are pushed to their limits, but for right now, they are more comparable to each other than some people like to think.

    I will hopefully be able to get my Xbox in the next months, before Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes out, and then I will hae all three consoles (and my beloved Dreamcast.
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    I have both a Gamecube and an X-Box.

    I haven't played that many games on the X-Box but the only good ones so far are Halo and Spiderman.

    The Gamecube has more games geared towards kids but are actually kind of fun. But they keep pushing back good titles and making some good titles suck.

    The X-Box has a lot more games geared towards older people but only a few titles are good. The only good titles are Halo and Spider-man. Obi-Wan for the X-Box sucks because the graphics suck compared to other games, the gameplay sucks, the controls suck. Also OB1 lage a lot and I don't see why it should be doing that.
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    You might be interested to know that I know many people that bought the Box and have had it fail completely. One of my co-workers hasn't even had his system for half a year yet and his system decided to quit. It woud $100 to repair and is then only gauranteed to work for 30 days.
    Sounds like a typical Micro$oft product!

    Definitely avoid the X-Box and go with the GameCube.

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    nah, im getting a box. mainly cause i dont want to settle for PS2 galaxies. does anyone know, what will we need to play xbox star wars galaxies online. can you just plug in to a phone line like you would with a regular sh!ty modem or do you need a cable connection or something. sorry, i dont know much about this stuff. cheers.

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    Get a bonus at work and get them both...hehehe seriously though...whichever system u buy would be a good choice. Both, the xbox and the GC have great games. For the record i own a GC.
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    Yes, the BOX is only Broadband compatable. Which is good.

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    Gamecube for me. The games for gamecube are way cooler than the X-Box games. Plus a lot of their upcoming titles are going to be worth getting one. Although there are some that I would want for the X-Box. Although I am sure of one thing I will never EVER own any kind of Playstation. The controls for the PS and PS2 are absolutely horrible. Who needs that many buttons? There's like 12-16 buttons on there. Come on people we only have 10 fingers (including thumbs) that we could possibly use.
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    Go with the cube, what good game does Xbox have Halo? Just look at Nintendo's lineup and you decide. Metroid prime alone is reason enough to get Gamecube theres my opinion.


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