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    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I'd get a box. I mean you get KOTOR first, you get Galaxies, and there are just more good games. Luckily both those are going to PC so I'm set (for now....)
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    Halo is reason enough to get the x-box but is the only game worth getting for it until other games become really cheap. But I hear Halo is coming to PC so that might affect oyur decision. GameCube has more good titles and good ones on the way but they keep pushing back the release dates.

    I'd recomend the Gamecube for now and wait for the X-Box to lower to a good price before getting one.

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    Well, since I grew up on Nintendo also and already had a DVD player, I bought the Game Cube. It's very awesome, especially with Smash Bros. Melee. Plus the new Mario Sunshine is coming out, and the long awaited Zelda. Can't miss that!
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    Don't forget Star Fox Adventures and Metroid Prime!

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    Definately Xbox, I mean have you played Obi-Wan, or Halo.
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    You dare compare Obi Wan with Halo?

    Obi-Wan is, quite possibly, in the top three worst games I've ever had the misfortune of playing. And I've played a boat load bad games.

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    I agree with Boba Rhett. Obi-Wan ALMOST makes me ashamed to be a Star Wars fan.

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    I was going to comment, but anyone who praises "Obi-Wan'' is asking for the hurt. Halo is a freakin' incredible game, but that's the only X-Box game I've played I liked immensely.

    I don't play games that often, but RE for GC is by far my all time favorite game (I'm a huge RE fan,) and SSBM is possibly the funnest multi-player console game ever. But a lot of great games get ported to all 3 systems nowadays.

    And what's all this talk of playing "Galaxies" on a console? Are you people mad or stoned? The only way this game should be played is on a PC, IMO.
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    I have to concur, Obi-Wan is God-awful, while Halo is simply God-like.
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