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    I have both, and I gotta say GameCube. Loads are faster, the games are great, it's small as hell, the controller is SO comfortable, and the wireless wavebird controller is fantastic.
    look at the gamecube line-up:
    Mario Sunshine
    Starfox Adventures
    Super Monkey Ball 2
    Metroid Prime
    The Legend of Zelda

    that's probably the best line-up I've ever seen.
    X-Box's line-up, as far as my interest goes:
    Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller (tomorrow, looks fun as hell)
    Medal of Honor: Frontline (though if you wanted that you'd already have it)
    Metal Gear Solid: Substance (again, an upgraded version of a great PS2 game)

    see, x-box doesn't have THAT many games that are exlusive that are really that guaranteed to be great. Nintendo does. and most of the third party games for box are also on PS2, which you already have.

    I say Cube all the way.
    oh, and one more thing: Snooch to the noonch!
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    Originally posted by Darth Detori
    the controller is SO comfortable, and the wireless wavebird controller is fantastic.
    That a BIG reason right there. The Gamecube controller is LEAGUES better than the Xbox hunk of crap. This isn't meant as a slam against the Xbox itself because it's a really good machine, but their controler is crap.
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    I've been using both the GC and Xbox controllers for quite a while now and I like both but the xbox controllers seriously feel better to me.

    I have big hands though so maybe it's just me.

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    I like the X-Box controller better than the GC one. I like the new smaller one better than the old one but I still prefer both to GC. And my hands aren't that big either...
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    i would go with the box over the cube for many reasons. i have owned both and i still prefer the box. the contoller is more comfortable and if you don't like its size you can just get the new one which is much smaller. the games are better for xbox and the graphics are better. plus it's a better booster seat for your grandma.
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    Saying that the games and graphics are better may be going a bit too far.


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