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    Jedi Council Set

    Who would like to see a jedi council set, no gimics, just 12 jedi sitting in the chairs and in the same positions they where seen in in the film. Preferably the origional 12 but the EpII 12 would be good aswell, as I say no gimicks, exept they could make the floor as a base, but just the 12 (or 14) in chairs. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of the set sitting on my desk, please say youd also like to see it, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would love to see it but my wallet wouldn't.

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    Niether would my wallet, but it would have to!
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    It would be great, I would just tell my wallet to shut up, and deal with it. (Note to self: Work Overtime)
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    I would love it if they released each individually with a portion of the floor. If it's a $100 box set... I won't be so happy.

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    It will be very, very cool.

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    It would be cool. I've never seen a 12 figure set tho. A cost for the three packs was like 15 bucks so a 12 would be like...what...60 bucks! haha..Also, since Hasbro is getting away from less articulated figures, I couldn't see it happening...

    However...not to crush dreams, they could come out with 2 or 3-packs of the council members sitting down...I'd love to see it....

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    it would be pretty darn cool
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    Yeah it would be expensive but it could be one of those stictly collecters only things, not released at places like walmart.

    What do you think, only the origional 12, the second 12 or all 14 so that you can decide who you want on there?
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    "I'm with you too."

    It would be really nice, espcecially if they gave the figures some articulation.
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