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    Quick Question - someone will know this

    Is there any difference between Canadian and US Saga figures? Also, is there a Canadian Bloody Luke, or to the knowledge of those here, were bloody Luke's shipped to the US only?

    I guess its kind of a contingent question, contingent on whether or not there is a difference between Saga Canadian and US carded figures.
    Thanks guys

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    The figures would be exactly the same, it's only the cards that are different.
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    Yeah, I should've clarified,what is the difference in the cards.
    and is there a canadian Bloody Luke.


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    The difference in the cards is that US cards have English only, while the Canadian cards have English and French.
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    Sorry, didn't read the question properly!
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    probably do have a bloody luke cuz if they made that b4 they changed it they should have made sum for canada too n the differences r canadian ones have french and spanish and on the back doesnt have that faded out image of the figure in the top right hand corner and the synopsis of aotc isnt on there jus the character bio
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    and the canadian packaged figures r worth less then the american packaged ones
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