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    Creame-colored Battle Droids in AOTC?

    did anyone spot any creame colored battle droids in AOTC? i could have sworn i only saw the reddish/brown b.d.'s but over in the hasbro saga forums emperor jargo claims both wer ein the film...anyone else know if both were there or not?

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    There nearly all creme coloured!
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    Yes. The great majority of battle droids in AotC are the tan/creme colored ones.

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    They used to be creme colored until the Battle!
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    Now they're just useless scrap in the sand!

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    What clour did you think the ones that arn't creme are?
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    i thought the onyl color of battle droids in the arena and the battle were reddish/brownish....i dont remember seeing any droids in the arena or the battle that were the same color as the episode 1 battle droids

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    I wish Hasbro would make a brown colored OOM-9... or cream colored with articulation like the Commtech Stormie! That would soooo awesome!!!!!

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    Thinking about it, they where all brown in the arena, I've only seen it once so that I'm not sick of it by the time the DVD's out.
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