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    Final Duel Multi-Pack

    I have some money... Are these figs good and worth getting? Articulation? I want that Luke..
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    If you mean the cinema scene...

    Well, the Emperor is perminately sitting. The Luke and Vader aren't all that articulated. Many people will argue that the Luke is the best Jedi version. I believe the Vader mold for this package was reused for the Toy Fair exclusive.

    I recently bought this set loose for $10 on E-Bay. I'm happy with it. I'm sure Hasbro will resculpt all 3 figures in it over the next few years. You know they can't go 4 months without producing a Luke and 6 months without Darth Vader.
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    It's quite a cool pack, and loose or boxed, it's a nice display piece, especially with the big base with the nice background.

    The Jedi Luke version is quite unique since it's the only plain Jedi Luke figure without the vest.
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    well they are cool on display but the vader looks pretty buff if you look at him from too close
    but still cool, if you can get it for a good price I would buy it if I were you
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    I agree, I have left mine in the box for dispay. It shows well and the Luke is one of the best sculpts in my opinion
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    I position the Emperor on his hands and kness and put Luke and Vader in a kicking pose. They look like they're both kicking ol' Palpy in the @$$!
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