View Poll Results: Which Cantina Alien Do You Want? (see picture for photos with names before voting!)

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  • The Anzati: Dannik Jerriko

    70 5.95%
  • The Arcona: Hem Dazon

    325 27.61%
  • The Gotal: Feltipern Trevagg

    86 7.31%
  • The Siniteen: Brainiac

    23 1.95%
  • The Givin: Elis Helrot

    31 2.63%
  • The Advoze: Bom Vimdin

    39 3.31%
  • The Yam'rii: Kitik Keed 'Kak

    52 4.42%
  • The Defel: Arliel Schous

    18 1.53%
  • The Kiffu Girls: Brea and Senni Tonnika

    440 37.38%
  • The Brizzit: Tzizvvt

    9 0.76%
  • The Abyssin: Myo

    50 4.25%
  • The Saurin: Hrchek Kal Fas

    22 1.87%
  • None of the above

    12 1.02%
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    In a tough vote between Feltipern, Hem Dazon, and Hrechek Kal Fas, I choose Kal Fas because I have always wanted a saurin figure.

    Trinto Duaba and Reegesk both should've been options in my opinion but the options were pretty good. I would've taken out Brainiac and the Lak Sivrak looking guy.

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    Totally want a Dannik Jerriko figure!
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    Reegesk actually made my finalist list (picture here) and I'd love to have a Ranat.

    I had to use 12 to make an even "square" picture, and I thought
    Reegesk looked similar to Kabe (though with the hood on you can't tell for sure that Reegesk lacks the Chadra-Fan's ears).

    But I still would like to see Reegesk (though Hem Dazon was my first pick as well).

    I don't know who Trinto Duaba is though, so you stumped me!

    Got a pic?
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    My few nerdy comments:

    Technically, Hem Dazon is not the first cantina alien we see, just the first prominent one. Arleil Schous, Braniac, and Bom Vimdin are on screen for a few frames before Hem pops up. Interesting note, did anyone else notice the Arcona (Hem's species) on the sign over the entrance to the Outlander club in Episode 2? He was giving a thumbs up and his mouth was articulated. Gave me a quick chuckle to see an Arcona greeting the new bar scene as well.

    Trinto Duaba was the alien with the humanoid face, but kind of veiny, sitting with Momaw Nadon.

    If the reason why Hasbro can't do figures of the Tonnika sisters is correct (no release forms from Cantina actors), does this mean we'll never see other non-masked characters from the Cantina such as Yerka Mig, Rycar Ryjerd, Swilla Corey, or Garouf Lafoe? Also, doesn't this put Dannik Jerriko into the same category as the Tonnika sisters? Or does his makeup count as a mask?

    On the same subject, I do believe the no-release-form story could be correct. I remember as a child that all published pictures I saw in books and on trading cards from the Cantina were only of masked characters. In fact it wasn't until the last series of the Topps trading cards that we ever saw any Cantina scenes at all. Same goes for the four (five with Blue Snagletooth) figures in the vintage line. All masked.

    My final vote was for Hrchek Kal Fas for the simple reason that he (and the other Saurin) got the most screen time of all the characters in the poll. This guy could make for some more acurate dioramas. Actually a buch of characters not included in this poll (Yerka Mig, Leesub Sirln, Rycar Ryjerd to name a few) got more screen time than the ones listed in this poll. Braniac is only on screen for about 5 frames!

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    why don't we go and kick the tonnika actresses until they have bruises and cry uncle and sign those release forms happily?
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    I would really like a Kitik figure. I like the mantidness and it just looks cool and lethal. I also have some information about Dice Ibegon that some of you may find a bit...odd. She (Yes, she) is Lak Sivrak's "Girlfriend". Read Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Quite sick at some parts, actually.
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    There are a lot of great choices, but out of the list, Hem is the one I'd like the most.

    If the reason why Hasbro can't do figures of the Tonnika sisters is correct (no release forms from Cantina actors), does this mean we'll never see other non-masked characters from the Cantina such as Yerka Mig, Rycar Ryjerd, Swilla Corey, or Garouf Lafoe?
    Fortunately, no, it's just a likeness issue with the actresses who played the Tonnika sisters/imposters. But Lucasfilm owns the characters, and there have been ways around it. Take the Star Wars 25th Anniversary poster, drawn by Tsuneo Sanda. It shows about 90% of the patrons, and the Tonnika sisters are drawn towards the back, with only a marginal resemblance to the actresses.

    So I say bring them on, label it "Brea and Senni Tonnika", but only a single figure with a 50/50 fact sculpt change.

    But I really want Swilla Corey and Reegesk together in one wonderful pickpocketing powerpack.
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    Hands down, I need those SISTER'S!!!!!
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    I personally would place the Tonnika sisters somwhere near the bottom of my list. Want wise that is.

    I went for Feltipern Trevag cuz I love the production design drawing for him. leaning on the bar with a drink in his hand and looking really sleazy and sort of gundlinger with a taste for the highlife but really just a scumbag. If I had to go for a choice between the production design costume or the actual film costume I'd go for the prod design as it's more interesting. The film costume was just a big robe and there's plenty of other characters in robes so i don't need any more. Plus the prod design gave Feltipern holsters and guns and the film costume didn't.

    Hem Dazon I like but I don't find the face to be that interesting. If Hasbro wanted to use a design they couldn't really go wrong with what they did for the action fleet Hem dazon from the cantina pack I think it was. Sort of blue, torquoise and silver affair.

    But at the end of the day I would rather not have to choose just one and instead choose them all.

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    I would like Givin hes cool and probably all them would look great!!!
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