View Poll Results: Which Cantina Alien Do You Want? (see picture for photos with names before voting!)

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  • The Anzati: Dannik Jerriko

    70 5.95%
  • The Arcona: Hem Dazon

    325 27.61%
  • The Gotal: Feltipern Trevagg

    86 7.31%
  • The Siniteen: Brainiac

    23 1.95%
  • The Givin: Elis Helrot

    31 2.63%
  • The Advoze: Bom Vimdin

    39 3.31%
  • The Yam'rii: Kitik Keed 'Kak

    52 4.42%
  • The Defel: Arliel Schous

    18 1.53%
  • The Kiffu Girls: Brea and Senni Tonnika

    440 37.38%
  • The Brizzit: Tzizvvt

    9 0.76%
  • The Abyssin: Myo

    50 4.25%
  • The Saurin: Hrchek Kal Fas

    22 1.87%
  • None of the above

    12 1.02%
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    I voted for the Tonnika Sisters because they need to be in my cantina NOW

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    Way too many choices IMO for a single poll.
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    Originally posted by SirSteve
    Way too many choices IMO for a single poll.
    Aww, come on Sir Steve. Don't be such a party pooper. It's a fine poll, and there are so many Cantina Charecters that could and should be made. Infact, there are probably another 12 (or more) that I could name ontop of these ones, that Tycho didn't include.

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    HEM DAZON hands down!

    Hem Dazon has to be the one:

    1. He looks cool

    2. He's the only character I actually remember noticing in the scene.

    3. The two sisters are just a couple of boring humanoids.

    C'mon, vote for HEM!

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    Steve, the poll looks fine to me.

    It's produced two clear frontrunners. . . if you narrowed it down to say five, think you would still see the same two miles ahead of the rest.

    But if you didn't have so many, how else would you know the popularity levels.

    However, an interesting follow-up poll would be to take out the top two, and see if any new frontrunners emerge from the also rans, or whether a lack of any strong consensus remains (all weak choices?).
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    So many fans have their own "favorites", but I think some of these choices wouldn't be known-enough to warrant figures (then again, I still can't figure out how Djas Puhr got his own figure).

    I voted for the Tonnika sisters, no question. They are unique cantina characters in that they appear alien yet recognizably female, and we see them more than once doing more than being statues. I still haven't heard any conclusive proof about this thing with the likeness rights to the Tonnika sisters, but even if it were an issue, they could simply make figures that had only passing resemblances to the actresses.

    Other figures I might like to have would be Hem Dazon and Kitik Keed 'Kak. Most of the others I'd probably be apathetic towards.
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    JediTricks: I thought the same thing: Djas Puhr? Why him? But I'm not complaining. The figure turned out nice.

    I had a theory on that one though: they'll do the ones we're less likely to buy now, and the ones we always wanted later because it will keep the line alive a little longer than bottom-feeding on the sunset of the collection.

    Now I'd still like to hear people's suggestions.

    The dilemma with 12 was because I wanted to have an even number to make that photo image where I could show everyone a multitude of choices with 1 download.

    Why 12? Hasbro has the license until 2008. That's generally saying there's 5 years left, but 2005 will be a movie year and concentrate on E3 figures I'm sure.

    So in 4 years they could give us three cantina aliens each year - thus 12 is a fair number. They did that in 2001 with Duro, Ketwol, and Zutton.

    This year we're short one: Djas Puhr and Bo Shek and ???

    Do we count Ponda, Momaw, and Greedo redoux? I for one hope the rumors of Kitik are true (for sometime before December).

    Anyway, the other way I could have shown these 12 would be to allow multiple voting. Then perhaps close to all of them would have 99% of the votes. And that would only show Hasbro what NOT to make.

    But there could have been a better way to do this, though I also wouldn't suggest a brackett tournament for a main site poll.

    Right now, if this poll could be treated like a Fans' Choice for 2003, (and IF the Tonnika Sisters are off-limits) I'd say next year we should get:

    Hem Dazon (Arcona)
    Feltipern Trevagg (Gotal)
    Dannik Jerriko (Anzati)

    But there might be a better way to go about doing this, and the poll is far from over! There's still like another week to vote!

    But I welcome your suggestions.
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    Where the heck is brainiac in the movie? BTW I voted for the Arcon he looks COOOOOLLLLLL

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    I voted for Hem Dazon, myself. If it hadn't been for all the stuff I'd heard regarding the sisters, I would have voted for them - maybe. But in all honestly (and by odds dictating) we're never going to get those girls. So, I didn't see a point in voting for them. They may be what the people want, but they're sure not what the people are going to get.
    All those aliens would sell better anyway, and Hasbro would be more apt to sell them. I know that a lot of collectors would scramble for the sisters, but I bet over-all numbers would pale in comparison next to a weird looking alien. So, it really doesn't make sense for them to go through all this crap about getting the likeness rights, or trying to go around them, when they can make another figure that would sell better. That's just how I see it though.
    So, uh, yeah: Hem Dazon .
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    It was a toss up for me between Bom Vimdim and Myo the Abyssan. I went with Myo because he looks cool and creepy and would be the first 'cyclops' figure in the line. If Hasbro made either one though I would be happy.

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