View Poll Results: Which Cantina Alien Do You Want? (see picture for photos with names before voting!)

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  • The Anzati: Dannik Jerriko

    70 5.95%
  • The Arcona: Hem Dazon

    325 27.61%
  • The Gotal: Feltipern Trevagg

    86 7.31%
  • The Siniteen: Brainiac

    23 1.95%
  • The Givin: Elis Helrot

    31 2.63%
  • The Advoze: Bom Vimdin

    39 3.31%
  • The Yam'rii: Kitik Keed 'Kak

    52 4.42%
  • The Defel: Arliel Schous

    18 1.53%
  • The Kiffu Girls: Brea and Senni Tonnika

    440 37.38%
  • The Brizzit: Tzizvvt

    9 0.76%
  • The Abyssin: Myo

    50 4.25%
  • The Saurin: Hrchek Kal Fas

    22 1.87%
  • None of the above

    12 1.02%
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    Which Cantina Alien Do You Want to See Made Next?

    With all the noise on these forums about the Wal*Mart exclusive Cantina Aliens, why they didn't do never-before-made-characters, etc., I thought it was time for this: the SSG Fans' Alien Pick!

    OK, there are more than 12 possibilities, but I tried to pick ones that would be very distinct and widely recognized.

    I wish Hasbro would do just 3 of these per year and we'd have them all before the interest in the movies wanes after Episode 3.

    - and then possibly still more.

    I'll also fit in my disclaimer for why Dice Ebegon is not amongst the choices - she'd make a fine pack-in with many of these!

    But in any case, we'll get an idea of which choices the majority of you are interested in, and sort of how they rank.

    Vote away!

    Click here and see all the aliens' pictures with names!
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    What no Reegesk? Or Kathy Lee?

    Nice poll Tycho. Having a hard time choosing right now though. And I can't say I agree with your choices though on all of them. Especially including Kitik who's already supposedly getting a figure, and the Tonnika Sisters, who Hasbro said would likely never be made.

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    It was a toss up between Hem Dazom and Myo. But I had to go with Hem as he's the first you see in the Cantina. Talk about notority, his little head flip burned him into my brain back in 1977. Sure, I know he's a hand puppet---just make this guy already. He's so dang cool. And Hasbro could really do wonders with those sparkling eyes of him.

    Then in a couple of months (er....make that weeks) ....give us Myo.

    PS --- I think the choices are pretty good actually. Sadly, that Green Mantis thing appears to have fallen into the rumor pit of oblivion. However, you DID leave out a fairly obvious creature. That strange lamprey like thing that used to be opposite Wolfman and is now squaring off with Ketwol. I've always wanted this guy . . . though for years I thought that he was actually the arm of some much larger creature . . . Heck, the l'il guy is so small, he'd be a bang up accessory, Hasbro. (Hint! Hint!)
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    Tough choice since I want them all. Well, the Tonnika sisters are the first elimintate(don't want to throw away my vote). I had to go with Hem Dazom just because he was the first alien we see in the cantina.

    I hope we eventually see all of those pictured.

    Just out of curosity, since mark2D2 brought it up, has anyone ever seen a full body picture of the Lampray?
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    I had a hard time choosing between, Hem Dazon, Feltipern Trevagg, and the Anzanti. Hem Dazon is the "first" cantina alien you see so I think many may give a sympathy vote for him/her/it. I, however liked the stories of Feltipern and the Anzanti in the Tales from series and would like to see them made. We definitely need the assasin (Anzanti) and Trevagg was an Imperial so we could use more of them.

    Anyhoo, my vote was for Feltipern.
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    I've heard before that the Tonnika Sisters would never be made into figures. Can someone tell me why? Was it some sort of copyright thing?

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    I've heard the same thing about the Tonnika Sisters, ad nauseum, on SSG. I don't know the real story nor actually know if Hasbro has ever come out and confirmed this. Regardless, I'd like to see them made first or Dannik Jerricho. They're both the most prominent aliens that have yet to be made.
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    I voted Hem Dazon. As if there were any other choice. The Tonnika sisters thing is because they never got release forms from any of the Cantina people during filming the first Star Wars movie. George was a stickler for getting that out of the way during the rest of the films, but they overlooked it on ANH. It's not a big deal since a majority of the cantina patrons are masks that Lucasfilm still has the likeness rights to those. And most of the cast came back and signed for reasonable royalty agreements (like the guy who played Wuher, etc) but the two girls who played the Tonikka sisters are asking for exorbitant likeness fees and Hasbro and Lucasfilm are telling them to blow...

    I, of course, have a simple solution. Since George is fond of digitally manipulating his film. Just digitally remove THOSE two, and replace them with similar looking girls whose likeness rights you DO have. Then start your production run of Tonnika sister figures.
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    Tonnika sisters

    Without a doubt they should make the Tonnika sisters! Wouldn't Hasbro reconsider if there was enough interest? Its all about the money because they obviously don't care what we really want so lets show them that they'd get the sales!

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    Mark2D2: Here is Dice Ebegon, the Lamproid (see pic)

    The figure is basically a long snake, so while it could be made as a bendy, it would be rather strange to articulate as a hard piece of plastic, like an action figure.

    It's possible, with like 2 or 3 points of articulation, but as I noted in my original post in this thread, (though you might not have know this creature's name) Dice would most likely be made as they did Salacious Crumb.

    So she would probably make a good pack in. You were right : she should have come with Lak Sivrak a long time ago.


    It is my hope that our desire for the Tonnika Sisters is reaffirmed by this poll. They do not have to win it, but they either could (at the time I'm posting this) or they'll nevertheless make a good showing.

    Whoever suggested putting new girls in digitally for that 2 second scene had an awesome suggestion. The whole shot would be only as involved as Aurra Sing's in TPM.

    Brea Tonnika was played by Christine Hewitt.

    Senni Tonnika was played by Angela Staines.

    Together the two make "a stain" on the enjoyment of our fandom. Pun definitely intended.

    I don't have any way of contacting them, or believe me, I'd tell you
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