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Thread: your htoughts??

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    your htoughts??

    It seems that the KB exclusive clone commander and red clone trooper have come and gone (very quickly) will this be a very rare figure?

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    They don't seem to be rare in my area. I see all 3 collecting dust at my local KB Toys.
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    I found a few of them in my KB Toys in the mall, but that's the only place.
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    Don't know how rare they will be, have seen a couple at my local KB! Pre-Ordered mine a while back from I thing they are very nice and a added bonus to my 12" collection!!
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    They were exclusive to Kaybee, and have been a moderate sale. They were extremely easy to find in June, but stocks are slowly being depleted. I doubt it will be a clearance item, but it's certainly not rare.

    If you want some 'very rare' items, try the following:

    * Vinyl Cape Jawa
    * Die-Cast TIE Bomber
    * P3 Yoda card ("praying" Yoda)
    * Triple-bill theatre poster (photo-enlargement, not print)
    * Vlix
    * Boba Fett prototype with firing missile.
    * 63rd POTF coin
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    i found 1 of them, the clone commander.....


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