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    count dooku

    I was just in the local toys R us.. and i saw a lot of count dookus are they hard to find any where else?

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    Nope, they are starting to peg warm in most areas. Which is a good thing for the people that still can't seem to find one. Heck, I remember going to Wal-Mart the afternoon the figures were released, and finding like 20 of them. He seems to be really commen in some areas, and really tough in others.

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    Yeah....for some reason, I seem to be finding Dooku regularly here and down the mountain in Cali.
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    I have only seen one dooku on a peg, and i got it, 400 miles away on vacation. around here there ARE NONE.

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    There is a CVS just outside of Raleigh that has about 4 Dookus on the pegs.
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    Ya he starting to be preatty easy to find now.
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    A few weeks back I saw tons of Dookus and Yodas ata TRU. I went back a week ago and they are all gone. I may pass by this weekend. See if any appear.

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    DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!

    the day i get dooku and Yoda is the day ill go nuts on the board and then shut up about it........
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    I have only seen a total of four Dookus on the pegs at my local stores. Yoda is non-existent.
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    I've been seeing more and more Dookus here lately (as many as 15 in Wal-Mart), but Yoda is still extremely scarce.
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