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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    Dick Trickle (NASCAR racer)

    I recently met Stephen King at a book signing and I ran into Steve Buscemi while on vacation. (Both were very nice people, by the way)
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    as i rarely stray from the mm section, this is the 1st time i'm seeing this thread.

    very cool stuff guys, here's my celeb experiences....

    went to high school with jean-michel basquiat, and seth zvi rosenfeld. the three of us were also in a teen angst pycho drama theater group called family life theater.

    one of the times when jean either left home or was thrown out by his dad (don't recall which), he shacked up in my house for about three weeks (my folks were not particularly thrilled with this) last time i saw him was several months before his death in 88 at some club in nyc.

    i havn't seen or spoken with seth since 1979, but i do enjoy his films.

    got plastered one night in a bar on columbus avenue in ny back in 86 with greg lake of emerson lake and palmer fame. he was real jerk wad, making it real clear to everybody that he was a star, and should be treated as such, expecting all women within the vicinity too make a bee-line for his superior company but enjoyed the experience none-the less.

    found myself back in 89 to be sharing a sofa seat with liza minelli in the algonquin lobby bar. she was drop dead gorgeous that night (you don't have to believe it, but she was!) there were several of us around this sofa and table, enjoying early evening cocktails, she was very nice, and told a few humourous stories. when i had to go, she extended her hand and said it was pleasure speaking with me

    back in the early 80's i was a session keyboardist affiliated with several recording studios in and around nyc. whilst finishing up a session in a studio in douglaston queens, in walks rick wakeman (he was recording a soundtrack at this particular studio then) who basically shreds my style of playing as i'm listening to the play back nice.

    the grandaddy of all my experiences would have to be the fall afternoon, back in september of 80' where i found myself sitting at the bar in the mayflower hotel on central park west, and who should sit next to me? none other than john lennon after bumming a smoke off of me, and starting up a conversation with myself and the bartender (it was just us three) about the upcoming larry holmes (i think it was holmes) fight, i found myself absolutely petrified to be in such a position, chatting up at the bar with a person of statute as john lennon. after about 5 or so minutes, mumblin' somthing about an appointment i was late for, i excused myself, and flush with nervous energy, fled out into the street i found it impossible to maintain my composure, to sit and have a normal conversation with him. of course not a day go's by where i don't curse myself for being such a fool back then. he obviously was just looking for a quick beer and some local friendly conversation, but it was that moment, where my body decided to have the only anxiety attack that i'm aware of sufferin' sheeesh.

    there are others, but those stand out the most
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    I've lived a sheltered life. Aside from meeting a few local sports celebrities from the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills in person, the closest I have come to seeing a Hollywood celebrity would be when I saw Mark Paul Gosselar of Saved By The Bell Fame signing autographs at a local car show over 10 years ago.

    My dad however is much more fortunate then me. He always tells a story of himself from his younger days (mid 60's?) when my grandfather was in charge of the local chapter of the (I believe this was the title) American-Lebanese Foundation, a charity that raised money for hospitals that was founded by comedian Danny Thomas. For the years that my grandfather was in charge, national celebrities would fly in to Buffalo and put on a show, whether singing or dancing, and they would raise money for St. Jude's Hospital for children. Well my dad was reluctantly chosen to be the chauffer of these celebrities, driving them from the airport, to the hotel, and if they wanted to go anywhere else.

    The first year he said he picked up Danny Thomas, Phyllis Diller and a few others I can't remember. He must not of liked it because he regretted that he wasted the weekend carting them around (and they didn't talk to him much). The next year he did not want to do it when my grandfather asked him, but when he said that Annette Funicello would be the one he would have to cart around, he agreed to do it. Anyone who has watched Stand By Me, knows that Annette was pretty much an icon for young men during that era.

    After Annette was picked up my dad, she told him that she did not want to stay in her hotel all night, rather she wanted to know where he went to for a night out on the town. My father took him to his favorite bar and she stayed by his side all night. He got to "show her off" to all of his friends, as if she was his date. A lot of the occupants could not believe their eyes. They stayed out late and had a wonderful time. The only sour part of the experience was that Annette, agreeing to volunteer her time for free to perform, expected all of her things paid for, i.e. the drinks, meals, and some other things as well. He got stiffed out of a $100 he says that night. But I can bet he went home that night with a smile on his face.

    My dad never grows tired of telling that story.
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    I spent three or four days with Kenny Baker, his girlfriend Val, and Maria DeAragon in Nashville. I wrote for a newspaper at the time and conducted an official interview with them with several hours on tape. I also sponsored their toy show so when they weren't at their hotel, they were with me. I kept in touch with Maria for awhile. I also know Doug Murray (the late Men Behind the Masks company, and the writter of the comic book Nam). He's a real nice guy, and has a lot of good tales about Star Wars behind the scenes since he knows almost every actor in SW and Star Trek!
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    I met Natalie Portman.....Only in my dreams .I wish I can meet Mr.Lucas or Rick.If I'm going to Rick I'm going to take him some hair gel and something to eat because he talks about lunch...."We did it right before lunch" "Will we'll try to get after lunch"....Lunch is lunch that.

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    Princess Margaret (obviously going back a couple of years now).

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    I finally have something to add to this thread!

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    Re: Famous People You've Met (merged)

    Reviving the old thread here

    Dont know if it counts,he's probably more of a "local" type of celeb,but oh well.I've known #31 Chris Hearn of UCF's Ice Hockey team for about seven years now.Doesnt even seem that long really,time flies when you're having fun
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    Re: Famous People You've Met (merged)

    I have met a bunch of local "Celebs", moslty news types, show hosts et. There is one that I have met that you would recognize, Jerry Springer.

    Many people know that he was a city councilman and Mayor of Cincinnati. After his political career, he went to work as a TV commentator. This was in the early to mid eighties.

    Anyway, my Mother was manager of an upscale restaurant about forty miles north of Cincy. Springer use to bring his "Lady friend(s?)" in to eat. He was married at the time I think . I was there one evening, I couldn't have been older than 10 or 11, eating by myself at a corner table waiting for my Mother to get off from work (Babysitter canceled I think). Anyway, Mom had an annoying habbit of introducing me around to people and among those I "met" were Springer and his "Friend". I barely remember the encounter but I swear the girl was wearing a red dress. He smiled broadly and shook my hand, said some stuff I can't recall and that was it.

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    Re: Famous People You've Met (merged)

    I've met several people over the years (NON-Star Wars)...

    The biggest would be John Travolta, a few years ago he was promoting Battlefield Earth *shudder* and I was doing some film work at the time. He came by the office/studios I happened to be at. Incredibly nice guy!

    I had a bit part in a movie with Joshua Jackson and Clea Duvall. Josh was very nice, he had dinner with me and several others at break time and talked and joked around. Josh and I actually left the set at the same time, security came and picked us up! Clea smokes a LOT, didnt seem to personable. She had a friend there with her and they talked amongst themselves.

    I got to meet Jay Leno many years back. He was doing a book signing, I shook his hand. He was cool.
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