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    Good place to buy the TIE Interceptor?

    My TRU is a joke.
    Anyone know of a place online to buy the TIE Interceptor? Preferrably one that actually has it in stock?
    Many Thanks.
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    Check out EBAY and Brian's Toys, maybe you'll find it there.
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    Tie Interceptor

    They're still sitting around here in NJ. I could buy one for you and you pay the cost + shipping. It would probably be cheeper than buying from Brians toys.


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    Originally posted by Lobito
    Check out EBAY and Brian's Toys, maybe you'll find it there.
    If you do go with Brian's Toys, tell them SSG sent you!

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    Planet Action Figure has them in stock, or they said they do. Hope they really do. I ordered one from there. Thanks for the offer though, smurfvader.
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  6. #6 has been getting some of these for just $29.99. I donīt know if they have any in stock right now, but they keep getting more very frecuently.
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