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    Question Jawa Sandcrawler Batteries ??????/

    Can anyone help me confirm which batteries are required for the Vinty Jawa Sandcrawler, both for the 'Crawler itself and also for the Remote Control.



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    I'm pretty sure C's for the crawler and 9volt for the remote
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    Got it !!!

    I found out that its 2 C's for the 'crawler and a 9 Volt also for the 'crawler and a 9 Volt for the "controller".

    I found the info, as well as the instructions sheets as a downloadable on so I am sorted.

    If any sysadmin or anyone else wants to, pleae feel free to delete thread (unless a whole raft of 'Crawler questions start popping up (yeah like thats gonna happen !!!).



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