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    Talking yes!!!! we have a rare figure!

    acorrding to sirsteve on the home page, the han solo with the white droid caller was only produced 2 weeks before they changed it to silver. it also said it could be just as rare as bloody luke! good news for us!

    hope you guys have it to!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    It's possible it'll be rare, but I was at a collectable show 2 weeks ago and there was a guy selling them for $8 or $10 and he didn't sell out of either the silver or white droid caller variation. I agree that these should be rare and more valuble, but I guess only time will tell.
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    I've seen way more of the Han w/ white droid caller than I ever saw of the bloody Lukes. Oh well, I have both of those (albeit not carded) so I'm cool. Though I don't care about variations anyway. I have to say though, the bloody Luke variation is much more interesting than the lame droid caller one.

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    It's an error, the gray is the movie-correct version. They released what they had made already, which is why the white-caller is only 1X in the second Mace/Jango/Luke/Vader assortment.

    But I suppose it was easier to fix a plastic color than fix the horrible face sculpt and paint job - the main reason I've passed on many Hans already.

    Being less common isn't a selling point for me.
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    Oh yeah. I guess technically it's an error, not really a variation.

    Hey Lord Tenebrous, right now you have 999 posts. Cool.

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    well, nice to have the White lever BUT, the date codes over 21001 are pretty common... Those were made later. The date codes which were under that such as *20851* has a bubble variation on the white and its extremely hard to find. I'll post a picture when i get home from work...

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    o...............k................................. ............

    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    oh...i see..ours is 21051...not too bad over 21001
    thanx darthJdog.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    The time i got my White lever han solo i got it in the assortment with 1 HAn solo and no chews, or obi's. I got the han before a lot them were shipping so i must of been lucky by getting the earlier date code. Now they are shipping 1 per box in the Chew, and Obi wave. I guess those date codes are 21051 with the white lever or 21091 with the grey lever. If you happen to have *20951 or even earlier (VERY RARE 20851)* you have the Han solo that was in the first shipments.

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    The Han I picked up today was coded 21051 with the white lever. He came packed TWO pre case along with TWO Obi-Wans and TWO Chewies. The reason why I know this is that the NICE toy manager at my local Wal-Mart opened up a brand new fresh case for this 30ish collector. HH
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