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    Ya it's funny, but I just can't believe that it is up to $65.

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    Very funny, any other pictures of mock-ups?
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    thats hillarious! it's so bad, it's good!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Yea funny-but not worth $65.00. Maybe $10.00.
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    That's a cool custom...not worth $65, but cool. Speaking of how much people will pay for stuff on eBay, check out these two links:

    The images are broken on the 2nd link, but basically he sold a jar of dirt from his backyard for $30 plus $5 shipping.

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    Cool custom!
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    I think its pretty funny. Think we could get some Jawas dressed as elfs?
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    It's unique for for one thing.
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    A buddy of mine used sculpy on the POTF2 yoda to make me a Santa Yoda a few years back, it's WAY cool, hand-made hat and coat trim, even his cane was painted with candy cane stripes. No santa sack or custom cardback though, so I should toss it in the garbage disposal.
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