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    Favorite Bounty Hunter?

    Which of the bounty hunters hired by Vader (To find Han) was your favorite? Try not to say Boba Fett, its sort of boring when every answer is "Boba Fett". Nothing wrong with him, he's my second favorite actually. But my favorite is IG-88. He is probably the most powerful droid and has great weapons. Very scary looking too.
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    i like all the bounty hunters except for Dengar, actually. if i had to rank, it would go:

    1. boba fett
    2. ig 88
    3. 4 LOM
    4. zuckuss
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    1. BOSSK
    2. ZUCKUSS
    3. BOBA FETT
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    Zuckuss !
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    Damn strait, Zuckuss!! He's Kewl!!!

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    I've never understood what the big fascination with Boba Fett is, anyway my favourate bounty hunter is bossk.
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    It's funny, Zuckuss was my favorite for a long time...Then all of a sudden, I prefer the Phlutdroid...
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    Bossk - "Res luk ruff." (or whatever he says)
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    Sounds more to me like "Gerada Ouf", apparantlt there's a rumour that he says something in english.
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