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    CG Effects: Still Not Right

    Who agrees, the effects on The Phantom Menace where diobolical, the space battle effects where O.K, but stuff like Otah Gunga and the naboo battle just looked to cartoonie, Boss Nas for example, just didn't look real at all, the way he moved was wierd, and his clothes didn't have texture to them at all they just looked like a big blob of brown that moved wenever he did. So I thought oh well, maybe they'll look real by the time Episode II comes along, so Episode II comes along and guess what? The Effects still don't look real, they wern't as bad but still had that smoothness to them, for example C-3PO in the droid factory, so obvious it was a CG version, he just didn't shine like he does in real life, and looked really smooth, there where a few other bits aswell that I can't think of at the moment.

    What do you think, can you believe that they are in certain settings when you watch, or can you not watch without thinking that there not really there?
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    Oh most definately alot of the Podracer charachters looked that way. But strangely enough there are some points where things do not look that way, then again that is most likely someting actually real like models or something. I thought I seen something where they were able to take visual shots of the droid soldiers and actually animate that image rather than create one.
    I don't know why they didn't do that with everything. GL should have waited longer but us fan boys kept pushing him. In 20 years he will make a EPS 1,2,3 SE. Fixing everything.
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    Very true. One thing that sucks about the PT is that they are so completely sterile and artificial-looking. Most of the CG is disgusting...the only real good jobs they did in AOTC were Yoda, Jango, and the clonetroopers.

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    IMO, Ep 1's effects were in a way more convincing than Ep 2's, but both were too "unreal" for my tastes. I thought CG Yoda and Jango were both pretty bad in Ep 2, they had a certain "fakeness" to them in CG modes (Yoda was always CG, Jango was only CG sometimes) where light and textures never seemed realistic, solid, or naturally flawed. Jango was even worse for me because his armor dind't gleam like the "real" version, so his CG stood out like a sore thumb at me.

    When I saw LOTR recently, I was amazed at how many effects and sets were "real", it had been so long since a modern movie epic had used "real" stuff that I was absolutely enthralled. I felt immediately drawn into its real stuff, and the focus on real environments, characters, and elements made the occasional CG elements a little less harsh to accept.
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    Well, the CGI may not be perfect, but neither was the special effects, puppets, etc. from the OT. You have to accept some amount of suspension of belief, and not nit-pick everything to actually really enjoy these movies. Especially Star Wars, somthing that you grow up with and you have placed on a pedastal and cannot see the flaws.

    And JT, you would be suprised how much CGI was actually used in LOTR's. Of course it's not as obvious, because they are using it mostly to alter and add to actual charecters, locations, and sets. It's a little harder for a sci-fi type movie, with charecters and sets that are much more alien to actual be done looking 100% real.

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    It'll probably be a while before CGI is indistinguishable from real life.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Well, the CGI may not be perfect, but neither was the special effects, puppets, etc. from the OT.

    Such as?

    I continual hear about the substandard dialogue and fx in the OT as a way to prop up the Prequels but rarely see any lists of the numerous supposed problems. Here's the chance! I'll start...

    1) Rancor matte lines, although for the purposes of this thread, the Rancor actually "looked" pretty real to me.

    2) Cloud City matte paintings.

    3) Asteroid monster. Sock puppet for sure, but didn't look "fake" at all.

    4) Hmm? er, uh....hmm?

    Let's see, what looked REAL?

    ALL the creatures and aliens
    Should I keep going?

    You're right! The OT did suck. So much of it was awful!

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    Actually I prefer the matte painting backgrounds over the CGI backgrounds. In ROTJ you can truly tell the background of the Han & Lando dialouge scenes is a matte painting rather than a full-size hangar, but that just makes it seem more real than a CGI toon.
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    no one is saying the OT sucks... i don't think any of us would be here if it did...

    if you look back, there are things that stick out, but with a little SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF it turns real. if you look at AOC and try to find the worst CG, then you may have wasted your $9, or whatever it costs you where you are... when you watched OT, did you think it was actually real, or did you know it was fake? you probably knew these things didn't really exist, but you accepted them as part of the movie, because it wouldn't be fun if you didn't. if the popular media had been buzzing about the "advances in puppet technology" i'm sure a lot of people would've all of a sudden been like, "oooooh, that's a puppet, look, it's mouth doesn't move like it's words!" the fact is there was no behind the scenes stuff done on the OT until after ROJ. now with behind the scenes stuff out even BEFORE the movie, you know everything they are doing before it's done...

    i don't know if it's the knowledge of the extensive CG, or a lack of suspension of disbelief, but so far the prequels have suffered from a lot of "well, that doesn't look real because..." know what? REAL kids love jar jar... they have a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief. they probably know deep down that he doesn't really exist, but they don't go around saying, "well, his ears wouldn't move like that in real life..."

    and if vader looks real in OT, then i think obi-wan looks real in AOC...
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    I have to say that I agree. I was watching TPM last night on DVD with the comentaries on and I really realized how bad some of the CGI shots are. You would think that with all of the time and effort that people put in that it would look better. I guess that every baby falls down from time to time.


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