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    Talking maybe i should get one of these!!!!

    My other car is an AT-AT

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    How dare that seller, he calls it a doll! Oh yeah, that price...
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    you never know...lmao!
    My other car is an AT-AT

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    Re: maybe i should get one of these!!!!

    Originally posted by AT-ATstuntdriver
    wtf? lmao...
    this is way over priced! can buy this "doll" much cheaper than that! what was the seller thinking? whoever bid (good think no one did) on this for this price must be really dumb. what next? $260 for a TRU exclusive R2-D2 that is going to be released soon? oh, wait aminute! i forgot, some DID actually buy it for $260!!!

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    Ah, Theatre Luke, the freebie that created an overnight sensation. The pure insanity is that it's valued at about $75 in the package, and $3 loose. It's exactly like the regular-carded Jedi Luke, and it was intended to be a way to get kids excited about Star Wars that night.

    Instead, it became yet another speculator's favorite.
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    I saw these going for $50, last week on ebay, so if you are serious about getting one do a search before bidding!

    Good Luck!!
    May the force be with You!!!!!

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    there even is an auction started with 1 cent !
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    I love the way the ebay system works...

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    I missed out on one of those from Ebay a week or 2 ago. It went for 26, I was outbid by 1.

    I was severly cheesed off. Current UK price for C-9 is about 80-90.
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    I have a loose one.

    and I defy anybody to prove me wrong!
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