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    Emperor Jargo's RA-7:

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    Thanks Evenflow I will look and get back with you.
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    Hey, no problem. Anything to help out.

    I updated my list with a new custom. He is a character from Shadows of the Empire, Spero.
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    well, my list is also kinda weak next to some of these customizing masters, but here goes:

    Sandcrawler droid - similar to how Empeor Jargos looks. I ended up repainting the whole thing, which turned out well

    Luke xwing: (simple boil and pop w. some repainting)

    Han in Stormtrooper gear: using commtech body of Stormtrooper, commtech head of Han (though I love the new POTJ Han) and the neck thingee from the Stormtrooper Luke that came in the game with Vader discounted for like $6 at Kaybee - gotta say, this is my fav custom...damn stormtrooper body with friggin neck pin almost ended me! Drummled out Stormie head for a pseudo helmet that Han can hold at least

    Rebel trooper - I used the helmet and vest on original POTF2 version, head of Rick Olie, arms and upper torso from Prune Face, with legs and lower torso from Commtech Han... then repainted the whole thing

    Battle Droid (pilot) - simple repaint, which to an amateur like me is an adventure onto itself!

    Emperor's Wrath Vader w/ added bommer-type electricity - not really a custom, but heck if the bommer thingees don't make this fig really look sweet...Hasbro should have included this type of accessory w/ fig

    General Leia - Drummled out a pseudo helmet on the Speeder Bike version that Leia can hold and added her poncho. This sorry POTJ Leia should have come with these...what a sucko fig by itself

    Failed attempts: (poss Ep II spoiler)

    new Royal Guard using the POTJ Chancellor Guard...boy, were the parts of these two figs not interchangeable. The POTF2 Guard's head was like the size of the POTJ ones entire torso... (now that I saw an Ep II pic, I'll just wait)

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    Well, once again I have to update my list.

    63. Spero
    64. Sish Sadeet
    65. R-3PO
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    Just had a little fun making this Aqualish figure. He's sort of shy looking but i really like his simplistic look. All it took was Nute gunray's body, Ponda's head and hands and Maul's cloth skirts. He has a helmet visor sort of accessory that I got from a spiderman figure but that isn't with him in this pic. What do you think (bearing in mind I'm not very experienced at customising) And aint superglue fantastic stuff?

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    EMPEROR JARGO your aqualish youth figure is cute
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    I've added images of the other figures I'm working on to my website. IMPERIAL JUNKYARD.
    I'm not a fan of Jedi so most of my stuff is just scene fillers. Plus I like to imagine characters from parts of the galaxy we just don't get to see. The ordinary aliens going about their business as it were. I'm just starting out in this customising game so my stuff is mostly just parts swapping. I'm hopint to invest in some sort of Dremel to improve my skills.

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    I have been busy lately and sadly, have not had time to customize. I should soon start again.
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