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    Not original but ...

    I created a Dagobah R2 and a Tatoonie R2 earlier this month. I'm working now on a generic Rebel technician (using a peg warming old Obi Wan with the robe trimmed to a waist coat) and a generic Imperial officer.

    I intend to do more customizing but just don't have the time. I'm waiting for that new Ep. 1 jedi to come out early next year before I start working on my Quilan Vos figure again.

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    It's weird, I've been looking around my home town for cheap crappy custom fodder. Stuff like the JP3 figures. And nowhere has them at bargain bin prices. Either everything is still at full whack months after no-one wants them, or as soon as the hullabaloo dies down the stores are binning them. I can't find diddly and I syure as hell aint paying full price for custom fodder.
    So it looks like my planned Malastarian customs are gonna have to wait along with my rodian customs. I aint a happy bunny.

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    It's true sometimes its tough finding cheap stuff. When i see it though, i always stock up. You never know when you may need an arm or a leg.
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    ATTN: Emperor Jargo

    You think that's bad. There is a KMart in my area that still has Jurrasic Park Lost World figures are regular price!!!

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    Well, it has been a very long time but i finally got started customizing again. I just finished Talon Karrde.

    1. Nomi Sunrider
    2. Guri
    3. Leebo
    4. Jodo Kast
    5. Teebo
    6. Paploo
    7. Boshek
    8. Ellors Madak
    9. Kir Kanos
    10. Carnor Jax
    11. Death Trooper
    12. Wald
    13. Baron Fel
    14. Ak-Rev
    15. Saurin
    16. Gardulla the Hutt
    17. Diva Shaliqua
    18. Luuke
    19. Yaddle
    20. Fozec
    21. Yarua (Wookie Senator)
    22. ET Senator
    23. Arica
    24. K-3PO
    25. Ponda Baba (Mechanical arm)
    26. Gargan
    27. Gen. Madine
    28. Luke (Shadows)
    29. Imperial Dignitary
    30. Hand Maiden
    31. Lowbacca
    32. Davin Felth
    33. Anakin Solo
    34. Jacen Solo
    35. Jango Fett
    36. Yareal Poof
    37. Luke (from his wedding)
    38. Winter
    39. Indiana Jones
    40. Darth Bane
    41. Mara Jade (wedding)
    42. Vima Sunrider
    43. Tott Doneeta
    44. Depa Billaba
    45. Givins
    46. Oppo Racisis
    47. Ulik Quel-Droma
    48. Biggs (Academy uniform)
    49. Leia (Pregnant)
    50. Herat
    51. Jorus C' Boath
    52. Wokkling
    53. Hoover
    54. Bubo
    55. Dice Ibegone
    56. Jedi Training Remote
    57. Uzay Blue Stars
    58. Quilon Vos
    59. Xanatos
    60. Jainia Solo
    61. Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
    62. A'Sharad Hett
    63. Spero
    64. Sish Sadeet
    65. R-3PO
    66. Talon Karrde
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    Jargo --- very cool Aqualish. I love the timid, almost submissive pose. It's Ponda Baba's browbeaten younger brother . . . Anyway, we seem to be oddly in sync. Many months ago, for my very first batch of customs I made a whole slew of Aqualish. As I found a mess of them for $1.99, and they are perhaps my favorite under-utilized species....

    First, I made Senator Bonda (totally made up name.) Just stuck Ponda's Head onto a Rune Haaku body. Thought about changing the hands, but it seemed messy, difficult, and I liked the pose they provided.

    Next, I gave him his own version of a guard. I simply used a classic Darth Maul Body --- the original release --- and popped on Ponda's Head. This one turned out really cool, and I'd like to find a cloth version of the maul body to do another, so he could fly ships and stuff. For an accessory, I gave him one of those things that all the Skiff Guards came with. He looks pretty damn cool. Definitely the best of the lot, I must say. He can also wield a light saber quite well....

    Now really inspired, I made an Aqualish spy -- using the body of Garindan -- minus the cape -- I found a great generic grey imperial-officer-style uniform. Of course he's forever holding his comlink, but that just makes it look like he's always got news to report. As a finishing touch, I gave him a yellow vest, from Ceremonial Luke. He's currently armed with Commtech Greedo's blaster. I'm pretty proud of this figure, because he really does look like he could be a real background character from the films.

    My final attempt turned out, well . . . kind of lame. I decapitated an extra Boba Fett and slapped Ponda's Head on him. It looks, well . . . kind of silly. To recognizably Boba Fett's body, I guess. Maybe if I just paint a couple of te armor panels differently . . . I don't know . . .

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    If you go to my website using the link in my signature, under one of the main links you should find a page with a couple of my customs on it. can't remember which ones off the top of my head but i know there's a swoop bike there too. Not terribly impressive but I think the less flashy the job the better the job

    incidentally, I just noticed that all my POTJ Imperial officers suffer from an affliction known as 'lower arm drops off too easily'. This means that customising is going to be a doddle with this one. Now i just need to find some nicer looking lower arms to replace the crooked ones that come off........

    I've not done any customising for a while, my freighter crew are in flux right now awaiting final coats of paint and details like accessories. I did a few other aliens and I finally got my Ree Yees figures to play with exept I have no decent bodies to put the heads on right now I'll wait for a large episode two figure i think Maybe one of the senators or something.

    Oh yeah, I'll try to get a picture of my customised Y-wing. It's only painted up dirty but it makes a difference let me tell ya!

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    67. Garm Bel Iblis

    I finally got another one done.
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    I've been working on a 12" Barada for what seems like ages. However, I have run into a major snag, the head I made from sculpey is too big so it looks like I'll have to start all over again.

    Oh well, I might as well make the head I have done into a bust.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    Cool work BB, I don't recall the character having a deformation in the shape of a huge thumb though No seriously it's really cool.

    I don't know if we have anything like sculpey over here. There's a substance known as Fymo which is like a hard putty. You have to cure it in the oven on a low heat for about twenty minutes. Is this similar do you reckon? It comes in various different colours and in small blocks about half the size of a cigarette pack. I used to do a lot of stuff with it way back when I was making set models for theater productions.
    If it's the same stuff then i may get some more and have a go at molding something myself.

    What's the difference between sculpey and super sculpey?


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