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    Sculpey is grey and leaves a powdery residue on your hands when you work with it. Super-Sculpey, the stuff I used on the Barada head, is flesh colored and much cleaner to work with. I don't know the real differences other than Super-Sculpey is more expensive.

    Thanks for the compliment on the failed head, I was really happy with how he came out. Too bad I'll have to start over from scratch.

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    It's not the same stuff then. We also have something over here that is kind of like recycled paper pulp turned into modelling clay. It's totally useless for anything other than sitting in the packet unopened. Don't know why I mentioned that.......

    Sounds like a kind of resin you use to me. Resin is cool. Is there a suppliers address for this sculpey/super sculpey at all? Sounds like stuff I'd like to try. Been after something to make large molded pieces for my dioramas out of that isn't heavy as hell - you're gonna tell me it is heavy now, aren't you?

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    Uhh, well yes it does get pretty heavy when you make large pieces. The Barada head I made was too heavy for the 12" body and he kept toppling over, so I was going to try and find a way to cast it in plastic. However, you can lighten the clay up considerably by using an aluminum foil core. This helps cut weight down and saves on the expensive Sculpey which is $10 per pound!

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    I have made:

    -Odan-Urr 'Jedi Knight' (from Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith)

    -Massassi Warrior (from Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War)

    -Gank Killer 'Bounty Hunter' (from Dark Empire Comics)

    -Gorc 'Dark Jedi' (from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Video Game)

    -Cthon 'Subterranean Cannibal' (from Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter novel)

    -Sloth 'Lotney Fratelli' (from the 1985 movie, "The Goonies")

    You can see any of them at:
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    I have to say, great work on Barada's head. Really nice.
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    I made a VERY crappy Kyle Katarn and Fett with no helmet. And I cut my hand on each.
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    Originally posted by evenflow
    I have to say, great work on Barada's head. Really nice.
    Thanks, I was quite proud of it, being it was my first attempt at sculpting something like that. Too bad it is too big and thus useless for a 12" figure.

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    In preparation for the impending TIE BOMBER release -- I just made a new Aqualish pilot figure with bendable knees. I used the body from this strange speeder pack-in version of Darth Maul I got ages ago on clearance. And gave him an orange flight vest. (The Decapitated Ponda's Coat.) I left the hands. Darth was gripping his handle bars -- and now Ponda will be able to grip those groovy controls. (Check out the new detailed BOMBER pics on Rebelscum.)

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    I wonna see more pictures... The ones I've seen thus far are cool...

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    Yeah! More pictures of your customs. Why not post them for all of us to see?

    In fact, I'll start some threads from each of the movies so that all you have to do is reply to the thread and attach the image of your custom figures!

    Since you started this thread, can you post pics of your customs in the appropriate threads?
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