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    What figures have you made?

    1. Nomi Sunrider
    2. Guri
    3. Leebo
    4. Jodo Kast
    5. Teebo
    6. Paploo
    7. Boshek
    8. Ellors Madak
    9. Kir Kanos
    10. Carnor Jax
    11. Death Trooper
    12. Wald
    13. Baron Fel
    14. Ak-Rev
    15. Saurin
    16. Gardulla the Hutt
    17. Diva Shaliqua
    18. Luuke
    19. Yaddle
    20. Fozec
    21. Yarua (Wookie Senator)
    22. ET Senator
    23. Arica
    24. K-3PO
    25. Ponda Baba (Mechanical arm)
    26. Gargan
    27. Gen. Madine
    28. Luke (Shadows)
    29. Imperial Dignitary
    30. Hand Maiden
    31. Lowbacca
    32. Davin Felth
    33. Anakin Solo
    34. Jacen Solo
    35. Jango Fett
    36. Yareal Poof
    37. Luke (from his wedding)
    38. Winter
    39. Indiana Jones
    40. Darth Bane
    41. Mara Jade (wedding)
    42. Vima Sunrider
    43. Tott Doneeta
    44. Depa Billaba
    45. Givins
    46. Oppo Racisis
    47. Ulik Quel-Droma
    48. Biggs (Academy uniform)
    49. Leia (Pregnant)
    50. Herat
    51. Jorus C' Boath
    52. Wokkling
    53. Hoover
    54. Bubo
    55. Dice Ibegone
    56. Jedi Training Remote
    57. Uzay Blue Stars
    58. Quilon Vos
    59. Xanatos
    60. Jainia Solo
    61. Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
    62. A'Sharad Hett
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    1. Tusken Raider 12"
    2. Death Star Trooper 12"
    3. Imperial Officer 3.75"
    4. R2-R9 (re-paint of EPI R2-D2)

    currently in the process of making the Rebel Fleet Trooper 12". The uniform and stuffs are pretty much up except for the helmet...that's a tough one.

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    Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo, Jedi Master Luke, a random dark Jedi who looks pretty cool, and a random woman made from a slave Leia who is one of my favorites, but she still doesn't have a name.

    I also made the entire set of dark Jedi from Dark Forces, Jedi Knight several years ago. Some turned out really well, some just plain sucked.
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    Exclamation here we go

    This is my list, I just started about 3 months ago so remember that!
    Wedge's Droid
    Master Micah Giett
    Jango Fett
    Assorted droids
    Captain Dorja
    And some more that I can't remember.......
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    Mara Jade
    Jedi wookie[no name]
    two dark jedi[no names]
    jedi Ithornain[spelled right?]
    jedi cap. tarpl.
    done allot of lightsabers with some cool handles.
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    Thumbs up

    I will be updating my list soon, I am working on three figures. There is a Wookie Jedi named Lowbacca, just incase you didn't know.
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    Yeah I know about Lowbacca and I plan on making one , But I also like making different ones that I can add into my own universe.If you or anyone else knows where I can find a picture of Lowbacca I would be greatful.The wookie I made or just painted is grey with tan and black streaks.I thought this would be different and it did come out look pretty good.

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    I know that the Guide to star wars characters has a picture of Lowbacca with a little background to his character.
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    My little list is so lame in comparison:

    1. General Dodonna (with Rebel Insignia jacket instead of trench coat)
    2. Captain Antilles
    3. Repainted Wicket black and white
    4. Re-posed '95 Stormtroopers (cut and reglue)
    5. Beedo (so simple it shouldn't even count)
    6. Battle Droid with molten-metal lightsaber damage.
    7. Baniss Keeg (this was challenging)

    As you can see, most of mine are simple repaints. I like to take Battle Droids and other army builders and make them more interesting.

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    Same here.
    I just took the advice of someone who posts here (I forget who it was) and used acetone to take the blacl laquer off the death star droid and reveal the silver. You gotta be careful it doesn't take the silver off too. I then painted some orange enamel paint over the whole figure and then rubbed the orange off to leave just tiny bits in the grooves and a vague rustiness to the silver. Then I mixed silver grey and black enamel to paint the eyes and painted his midriff a sort of orangey grey with silver wires. With the black traces that I left of the laquer, He looks so cool. I'm really proud of how he turned out since I checked him against source photos. For a 4 inch figure I'd say he's spot on.
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