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    Rooted hair - yay or nay?

    Something I was thining about yesterday was the necessity of rooted hair on some 12" Star Wars figures. For those who don't know, rooted hair is that "real" hair that's plugged into the figure's head rather than plastic hair sculpted as part of the head. Most female SW 12" figures have rooted hair, as does 12" Qui-Gon.

    So how do you feel about the use of rooted hair on your Star Wars figures' heads? Are you for it or against it, and why?
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    i wished they would just do a better sculptun the hair instead of using those hair plugs or make the head solid like the 12 inch mc farlane stuff.

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    No preposed figures and no preposed (long) hair please.

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    I agree, however the female figures might look funny without the fake hair. But plastic for everyone else!
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    My Episode I Qui-Gon's rooted hair is terrible. It gets all scruffy and unkempt, and some of it has fallen out--so his hair is short on one side and long on the other! He should have been more careful with that lightsaber!

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    For those who prefer plastic: Do you want it like that (Hasbro JLA-line)

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    No more rooted hair on male figs, & sure keep it like the JLA fig
    BUT with better detail. It's all in the sculpt.
    Like So:

    If ONLY I could design a S.W. fig.


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    Now thats how it should be done! Excellent work.


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    That looks pretty cool! I would love it if they did the hair that way!! I have to say I LOVE my Qui-Gon Tatooine. I put his hair up in Leia-Buns and he looks quite happy with it!

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    i vote for molded hair, on males and females, if done properly, like blue box has done.

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