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    Wat Tambor

    I'm sure you get tons of requests for figures you should make and figures you shouldn't make. Anyways, I think Wat Tambor (I think that's his name) was super cool and would make a totally good figure.

    Plus, while I'm on it, chill out just a bit on the poses and the distracting action features. I like them to a degree. just tone it down a bit.

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    Hasbro, could you make Wat Tambor as a pack-in figure with the Sith Infiltrator? Except, you wouldn't even need the pack-in figure. Just the Sith Infiltrator. Thanks. :happy:

    I agree with the no action features, and lack of articulation thing, too.
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    Isn't ol' Wat rumored for late 2002 or early 2003? I doubt he'd have action features, but I fear he'll be a statue.
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    Wat Tomber would be very COOL!!!


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