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    Talking Need 12"s, have AOTC/Saga/POTJ

    I have:
    POTJ Han Solo Bespin MOMC
    POTJ Sabe Queen's Decoy MOMC
    Saga Vader Bespin Duel MOMC
    AOTC Jango Fett Final Battle MOMC
    Saga Qui-Gon Master MOMCAOTC Orn Free Ta MOMC
    Saga Endor Rebel Soldier MOMC12" Yellow KB Clonetrooper MIMB
    12' Red KB Clonetrooper MIMB

    I need:

    12" Death Star Droid MIMB
    EU Luke Dark Jedi MOMC
    EU Imperial Sentinel MOMC
    Loose Imperial Scanning Trooper

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