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    If it looks silly... I will have to cry- right then and there in the theatre.
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    Off-topic, and no offense, but is that Justin Timberlake as your avatar?

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    I don't think Yoda should use a lightsaber. He should just deflect Dooku's attacks for a while then start to force choke him but while he's doing this Dooku does the crane thing.

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    Personally, I can't wait to see this's something myself, my brothers, and all my friends have been clamoring to see for years.........

    Actually, I think the fight with Yoda should happen as such....

    the wall blows out, and there's Yoda standing there.....

    we pan to see the look on the enemy's face.....then pan back to Yoda, who raises his hand......we hear an offscreen scream, then pan back to the enemy who's head has exploded.....

    complete subtlety......Yoda comes off as a badass, without having to exert himself, or costing ILM lots of money to animate it...and it doesn't look goofy......

    although, I'm not worried, Yoda is the MASTER, and I kinda think it'll be cool to see him moving so adds another facet to his character.....proving that the feebleness is NOT due to his age, but just an act to fool those who would otherwise attack him......(Remember, beating up old people is fun.....what if an old guy was just 'faking it' so he could beat up young people whenever he wanted?)

    I also heard that Yoda would win by squeezing his colostomy bag on the floor, causing Dooku to slip in Yoda's Dookie.......
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    Doesn't sound wacky to me at all! I can't wait to see it! BRING IT ON!

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    Wacky Yoda fight scene...?


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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    T'was a new topic Wolfwood. It shortly became part of this topic as it covers the exact same info. It does help to use the search function at the bottom of each forum's initial page to see if the topic has already been discussed though.
    My mistake, sorry. But he Jedi Clint is right. With all the new forum-ites out there that have just come aboard in the last few weeks, I'm seeing a lot of repeat threads, or people starting new threads asking questions that have been discussed in older ones.

    Back to the topic though, that dooku/yoda scene reminds me of Lee in Gremlins 2. At last he will have revenge...
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