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    Nute Gunray figure?

    Is Hasbro planning on making a Nute Gunray figure for episode II? I was just wondering if anyone knew?
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    I'd love to see one.

    Would someone like to move this to the Saga section.
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    Maybe they could release also a TPM figure, with the correct height......
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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    i think they are going to next year or late this year.
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    love those nemodians...bring em all on. lott dodd especially.
    and that walking chair would be a neat accessory
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Maybe this one wont look like its doing someone naughty to himself!
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    Hango, did you mean an Episode 2 Nute Gunray or a new TPM one? How concrete did it sound? Lets all hope the Neimoidians get a little more involved in the toy line despite their lack of action soon!


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    Nute Gunray (Hologram) should see a release in some outlet by the end of the year (maybe Fan Club, maybe something else). But being a Neimoidian, he's always subject to change.

    They just don't sell well. Nute still lurks in the dark aisles of TRU across the world, begging for somebody to take him home.

    So I doubt there will be new Neimoidians after Hasbro releases the very dated Lott and Nute.
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