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    Question What do your parents think?

    What do your parents think about SW films, your collection, etc. ?

    I was emailed my parents review of E2 today and it was suprisingly dead-on.

    "Dad and I went to see Star Wars yesterday. He said it was OK and that the special effects were fantastic. Yoda was the best part. Those two kids couldn't act at all."
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    With all the strange obsessions I've had, my mother is more than happy to go out and buy vintage SW stuff for me when she comes across it.

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    My parents like it, but thats it. I think it was when I got my SW tattoo they thought I went too far.
    They dont mind my hobby though. If they are in the store and see something they dont think I have, they call me on the cell phone and check. Very cool of them I think.
    Dad and I did the midnight show of AOTC on opening day, but mom wont go see it. She would rather look at it on tape, but only when I am with her because she needs someone to explain it to her.
    But all in all, my parents like it, and they support my "habit."
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    My parents know I'm into the figure collecting thing. They're not surprised since I had all the stuff when I was younger. Now they wonder why I keep collecting. I don't think they really like it, but since I haven't lived with them for 10 years that's their problem.
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    My dad condemned me from buying the figs (when I was out on my own) because they were basically going to eat up all my funds.
    He was correct. My dad isn't reall that interested in SW, he likes JOHN WAYNE!!!! He gets more giddy over that then I do with SW. My mom still likes SW though.
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    My Mother sits and stares vacantly whenever I start talking about SW. She can be chatting away but as soon as there's any mention of it she just glazes over and smiles weakly while waiting for me to finish speaking or showing her my latest aquisitions and then once I stop she carries on as though i hadn't even spoken.
    She refers to it as "Your Star Wars - thing..." as though it were a social disease.
    I bullied her into buying me a few figures for my birthday one year but that's the closest she's ever come to giving in.
    Oh, and she loaned me 100 to buy a load of action fleet vehicles one year. But insisted that the money be paid back in full and on time and in two weeks - not one but two. In real money not a cheque and not as a deposit into her account - real hard cash.

    She's never seen any of the movies and has not the slightest inclination to sit down and watch sci fi. I try to tell her it's romantic fantasy but she's having none of it. I'll trick her eventually and find her sitting down to a marathon with all six movies on DVD or something. She's a closet fan - I can tell. She's bustin' to blurt out that she loves it all, just bustin'!

    My dad I haven't canvassed on the matter yet. When I find out where he is and track him down and nail him to the wall I'll remember to ask

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    My old man, always pops the tapes and DVD in about once or twice a week. He was even pestering me to take him to opening night, and when he met me in Iceland we went to watch it again and he got upset when they cut it after fett blasts off to leave kamino for the intermission break.

    My collection...doesn't care just comments about the cost, and storage space.

    My mom doesn't care either way. She just complains about me not dusting them, or moving them to dust...

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    Fortunately, my whole family enjoys Star Wars. I started collecting figs when TPM came out and ever since, they've been helping me find all the figures that I need for my collection. They each took me to see EP2 and really love the original trilogy. I have an awesome family!
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    Can I come and live with you then.......?

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    my parents like SW but that's all, my dad hasn't seen E1 yet because he always misses it when I watch it again
    but everytime he goes to the US on business trip (about once a year) I give him a list with names and pictures and highest cost of the figs I want and he usually returns with as much figs as he could get/fit in his suitcase so that's really cool
    and my mom sometimes helps me to ask the employees about new SW stuff in toysrus etc. (since I still can't speak that good french)

    and as a sidenote, my brother collects SW toys too and my sis is pretty good informed on SW too (because of me mostly )
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