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    Filming not finished?

    Samuel L. Jackson on Jay Leno's show tonight stated that he just got back from England not too long ago for filming Star Wars. He stated that he has to go back to England to resume more filming for Ep. II in the near future. Is there a major plot change going on here?
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    Could be anything from a re-shoot to a new scene, who knows...
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I thought pick-up shots were all finished, but I bet it's true and Lucas has even more pick-up shots on the schedule. Who knows, maybe one of the digital camera's harddrives went bad and they lost a major scene. Yikes, that'd be really possible!
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    I've read repeatedly this is how G.Lu shoots. He shoots, he edits. He shoots, he edits. Constantly going back and forth til he gets it the way he likes it and the way JT hates it.

    I think they were adding new scenes in three weeks before the movie came out last time, so it's not worrying me...

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    Ep 1's pick-up shots ended months before the movie's release.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
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    But if the final pick up shots are 'in the can' in November, then that is months before the film release.

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    According to my old Star Wars Insider, Rick McCallum said they were scheduled to go back in February for a third round of pick up shooting on Episode 1 but G.Lu said they didn't need to. However, it WAS on the roster, the same way it is for this one. "...keep the third week of March open..." or something like that.

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    Uncle George is famous for these last minute changes and re-shoots. It could also be that Uncle Rick was so far up Uncle George's A** that he got distracted and forgot to film something!
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    *pulling 'about to barf' face* That's too gross to comprehend.....oh, wait...

    Well, they were still filming last month weren't they? I read some report about Chris lee doing pick up shots for the Geonosis scenes. Something like that. I bet they'll still do a few shots between now and April with the last rounds of editing. reaction shots and the like. Maybe the odd line of dialogue. Who really cares as long as it reaches the screens on may 16th?

  10. #10've got it all wrong. What happened is this: George invited a bunch of his people to come watch the finished version of the film. Rumor is that Leonardo DiCaprio was there to. George was all proud and beaming thinking "Ha. This is it. I am finally done with this film. Can't wait to go to Hawaii. Just got to show it to everyone and I am outa here. Yeah baby, yeah!!!"
    While viewing the film it looked incredible. But in about 8 different scenes throughout the movie the microphones picked up Rick McCallum cussing and caring on about what not. Apparently Rick was practicing for one of his upcoming public appearences and wanted his cuss words to sound just right.
    George was stunned since he had never heard anything but "George you are the greatest man ever, honest," come out of Rick's mouth.
    Reshoots were then in order. That my friends is the story of how the Ep2 reshoots were born
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