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    What does the E stand for in WWE??

    I'm not into wrestling but have noticed that the WWF has recently changed to WWE. What's up with that? Is it still the same just new name?

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    They lost a law suit for the initials WWF to the World Wildlife Foundation.
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    Pretty sad, IMO. I know when I hear WWF I always think about the wildlife fund and all those little bears and animals.......
    But its all the same really. Same wrestling, same lame storylines (as of late). Just a different name.
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    And their slogan is- Get the "F" out!
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    Yeah, the slogan cracks me up. The branding is pretty tough, though. I STILL see Hulkster when I hear those 3 letters.
    I thought the (being a Canadian, natch) that it stood for "Eh, you're suing us for HOW much?!?"
    It did always make me laugh that things on such "opposite faces o' the coin" had the SAME acronym. A few times I got tricked by "paid for by the WWF", and thought that maybe they really did care ....
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    Yea years ago I saw a sticker that had shown a Panda bear on it with that and had WWF on it little did I know there was something behind it.
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    A bear might be a formidable wrestling opponent!

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    It should stand for ENOUGH of the crap lets wrestle.
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    What took them so long so sue them??? WWF (wrestling) has been around for years and then all of a sudden the wildlife thing wants to sue them!!! Something just doesn't make sense. Oh well, I like the slogan "get the F out" LOL Thanks for letting me know aboutthe change.

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    World Wildlife Fund has been around a long time too, this case was basically about the now-WWE breaching a 1994 agreement between the 2 organizations last year.
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