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    Question How do they do it?!?!?

    How do people on Ebay get these Starwars items before they are even released?!?!?!? For example....
    The 25th annivesary R2-D2...
    The accessorry packs...
    The Brown Droid....
    Those Star Tour prototypes....
    That's all I can list at the top of my head but how can they get these already?
    It always puzzled me....

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    they must have ties in with hasbro...or something to that effect..
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Fell off the back of a truck.
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    that could happen too, exahust port
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Maybe they steal them from the warehouses. Most of the people that have them for sale are from the Far East.

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    Originally posted by rynobot
    Maybe they steal them from the warehouses. Most of the people that have them for sale are from the Far East.
    That just might be, but I also think that the toys are released in China first, so those guys over seas charge us Americans an arm and a leg for stuff we can get in a months time. If we can just relax the toys would come to us. So to speak
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    I agree, patience is a virtue. they will arrive here soon, I do not think that Hasbro would not ever send anything to America unless it was a foreign exclusive and they seem to show up here too!
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    Well, you also have to remember star wars figures ain't even made in the it could go anywhere once it leaves the wearehouses in SouthEast Asia

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    Salesmen Samples
    Factory Leaks
    Employees getting the product then selling it to someone else
    Stealing them from the factorys

    Salesmen samples are different from the final products though, they usually have some slightly different paint jobs or possibly even different accessories with them.
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    Its wried I know???


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