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    Want Sacul/ToyFair Vader/Have Tons of POTF2 Figures!

    Hello SW fans!

    I just recently bought a friend's collection of POTF2 figures. I am a collector and only collect the figures I really want, I don't try to complete sets or collect all variations. My friend wanted to sell everything, so I agreed to buy his entire lot inorder to get some select figures I really wanted.

    Below are the figures I'm willing to trade. Since I don't want to mess with getting screwed by dealers, I thought I'd try posting here. My friend was a collector too (now spending all his money on Simpson's stuff), and all the figures are MOC, C9 to C9.5.

    I'm hoping to trade for a Jorg Sacul or Toy Fair Vader. I am hoping for a equal value trade, book value of a Sacul ($80-85 in the latest Toyfare) for an equal value of a number of my figures. But I'm open to any offers. I also want Toy Fair Vader and Expanded Universe figures.

    Here is what I have, variations listed.

    Red Card
    Boba Fett - Circles on both hands
    Han Solo in Carbonite ("Freezing Chamber Text"
    Tie Pilot (Warning Label Printed)
    Princess Leia (3 bands on belt)
    Tusken Raider (Closed Hand)
    OBI-Wan (full-figure back/short lightsaber)
    Han Solo
    Darth Vader (Long Lightsaber)
    Luke Jedi Knight (Black Vest)
    Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)
    Luke - Dagobah (Long Lightsaber)
    Luke - Xwing Pilot (Long Lightsaber)
    Han Solo - Hoth (Hand Closed, No price in either book)
    Luke Skywalker (Long Lightsaber)

    Green Card
    Sandtrooper (Collection #1)
    Yak Face (Saelt-Marae)
    Weequay (Collection #3)
    Princess Leia (Jabba's Prisoner)
    R5-D4 (hooked latch, printed warning)
    Rebel Fleet Trooper (Collection #2)
    Luke - Ceremonial (Collection #1)
    Ponda Baba (Black beard, (Collection #3)
    Nien Nunb
    Malakili (Rancor Keeper)
    Han - Bespin Outfit
    Han - Endor Outfit (Blue Pants)
    Luke - Hoth Outfit (Collection #2)
    Luke - Stormtrooper Disguise (Collection #2)
    Lando- Skiff Guard
    AT-ST Driver (Collection #2)
    ASP-7 Droid
    Emperor (Collection #1)
    Emperor's Royal Guard
    Gamorrean Guard
    Bib Fortuna (Collection #1)
    Admiral Ackbar
    Death Star Gunner (Collection #1)
    Grand Moff Tarkin (Collection #3)
    Garindan (Long Snoot)
    Hoth Rebel Soldier (Collection #2)
    Probe Droid (Deluxe)

    Shadow's Of The Empire
    Luke Skywalker
    Leia as bounty hunter
    Dash Rendar
    Prince Xizor
    Xizor vs. Vader (Deluxe)
    Boba Fett vs. IG-88 (Deluxe)

    Mail Order
    Figrin D'an
    Han Solo Stormtrooper
    Spirit OBI-Wan

    Thanks for reading! BTW, Attack of the Clones ROCKED! Can't wait for the DVD!

    Drew Arnold
    New Albany, IN
    Please e-mail me at with any offers/trades.
    Check out my collection!:
    Go Indiana Hoosiers!

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    I have my Sacul. Thanks for reading my post!

    Check out my collection!:
    Go Indiana Hoosiers!


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