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    Talking Bryan's big secret to finding the figures you want!

    Everyone on this forum seems to be in the same boat I was a few years ago.

    We're collectors at heart, trying to make our way in the universe. All we want is to go into a store and see the figure we want hanging on the rack! But, the problem is we do this alone. We drive out of our way to destinations far and wide looking for figures that may or may not be there.

    Some of us hate E-bay while others are willing to pay a premium to get the figures we want. The question everyone there a better way?

    The answer is "yes" and many of you have already been doing it for years - get friends to help.

    Be it forum, be it friend, find someone who's just as nuts about collecting star wars as you. You'd be suprised to find out how many fans are located next door. Chances are good the reason you don't find figures is because some of these people next door are competing against you! Don't compete, help eachother and your chances of finding figures increase tenfold!

    I had a friend who missed the Jango Fett Preview wave and was bumming cause he wanted one. I said, well, I'm having a hell of a time finding a Dooku. Look for me and I'll look for you.

    Within a week we had found the figures for eachother.

    I also have a rockin' girlfriend who now knows Star Wars backwards and forwards to the point where she can even pinpoint figures for me if she's out. Not only that this girl lives with her cell phone so she always calls me if they have something I'm looking for. Damn I love that woman!

    So my together with collectors in your area (or get yourself a kick *** girlfriend) - not only will you find the figures you want, but might also find out who the scalpers are in your town! If you really need a figure and don't like E-bay shop around. Eventually you'll find someone selling the figure you want at the price you want.

    It's just that simple!

    Never give up! Never surrender! Happy Hunting!

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    if only my girlfriend were so 'rockin.'

    'luke, this is your hobby, you just do it.'

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    It Does Help...

    Yea, It does help when you have a "Network" of other collectors, friends, and family to help you out when hunting. Example 1: My wife. All you have to do is give her a list of what figures you need and when she is out and about she will look for them. Example 2: Fellow collectors like JEDIpartnr. We both have helped each other out finding figures, beasts ect. Example 3: Another collector Jim who I met because he was the owner of one of the accounts I use to sell to-we were always on the look out for each other. Example 4: Friend of the family. I met Kevin at a family party and he overheard me talking about AOTC with my cousin about a month before the movie came out. He came up to us and asked me if I collect SW figures. I said "YEP." He said so do I. Since then we have picked up stuff for each other. It is weird because you really don't know who collects SW or who doesn't. Well HH and everyone have a good 4th of July.
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    Cool. My grandmother usually helps look for Star Wars figures, if she goes shopping or really wherever she goes, she tries to help. It's nice to have people out there who help each other to achieve their goals, such as a family member.
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    hmmm, yeah but what if your a loser with no friends. your plan is flawed!

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    Well that sucks for you....
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    nah, that was just a hypothetical to prove that his plan is ultimately flawed . i actually do have friends, and they arent even my grandmother! no offense but i find the fact that you go figure hunting with your grandmother a tad disturbing *shudder*.

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    Yea-to go figure shopping with your Grandmother is pretty scarry. But, I'm sure there are other collectors living in your area that could help you out. If not people on these forums can give you a hand. I met JEDIpartnr on these forums and we have helped each other out alot. HH and have a happy and safe 4th.
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    Obi-Wan: "To get a drink!! A Molson XXX!!"

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    Well, shopping with my grandmother really isn't scary or disturbing, since most of the time she pays for the figures...... but that's not why I go shopping with her. We have a good relationship that most other grandchildren do not have with their grandparents. I am just fortunate that I have a cool grandmother.

    Alrighty, have a Happy 4th!
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    oh yeah, I already do this. If I find something new and rare, i'll get two of it and sell it to someone here or on the rebelscum forums for whatever I paid for it (plus shipping of course). I consider it anti-scalping. keeps them out of scalpers hands and into those of collectors.
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