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    Do you want Captain Antilles' figure made?

    I want the captain!

    He should have elbow articulation and wrist articulation, so he can hold a normal pose, a rebel blaster rifle, all as well as hold his hands to his throat when Vader chokes him.

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    Thumbs up

    Me!!! I will love to have Cap. Antilles.
    As always...........L

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    I've wondered for a long time why they keep making resculpts and not working on the ones they haven't made.

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    Yes! He'd be an awesome least he'd add on to the death toll in figure form. But yes, he is a needed character.
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    Now that I have some little faith that hasbro can actually make a figural representation of a human and not make it look like a manekin of a norse legends hero, I say yes - bring it on and give it the same care you took with the rebel fleet trooper. he would look fine commanding a detachment of troopers or simply hanging around.........

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    "hanging around" HAH! Your sly British wit floors me!! Ooooh...I gotta sit down after that one....

    What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Capt. Colton Antilles of the Alderannian Defense Fleet Ship Tantive IV. Yes please!!!

    And Hem Dazon, also. (i just thought I'd throw that in there...)

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    I too will stand up to be counted amoungst those who want to see Captain Antilles produced! He would make a great counterpoint to the Rebel Fleet Troopers and an excellent addition for "army builders" who want the odd commander for their Rebel forces.
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    What timing, check out this thread I just started, it mentions this same thing:
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    "hanging around" HAH! Your sly British wit floors me!! Ooooh...I gotta sit down after that one....
    Yeah whatever.
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    Captain Antillies

    O yeah I'm all for the good captain...but I would rather have a CS with Vader choking Captain Antillies and a Commtech Stormtrooper
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