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    C-3PO Head Playset

    I know this is not a newer toy, but I just got it the other day. I just wondered why in the heck does Greedo pops out of his chair. He never did that in the movie. That was the only thing I didn't like about this playset. Everything else was fine. What do you think about that stupid Popping Greedo?
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    Actually I thought it was a cool play feature for kids.
    Of course Greedo never popped out of his chair but it was an excellent way to show him getting shot by Han.

    (and of course this Greedo never had the ability to shoot first)
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    LOL, billf! don't post that anywhere else. if it gets back to G-Lu, he may just use some of his billions $ to snatch up all the remaining aftermarket C3PO playsets in some sort of revisionist cleansing of the marketplace.
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