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    I'll pass on the Drop Ship. I've been holding out for years until I can find one for under $40. Thanks though!

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    The seller emailed me again today feeling me out about a price I'd like to pay. I replied, and I'm waiting to hear back. Will post here when I get an answer.

    (added later.....)
    Seller will go $45 on drop ships. There are four available, one of which would go to me, so three additional. Shipping will be low, as I asked for least expensive method, as long as it is securely packed and insured. If anyone's interested, please let me know asap. Thanks.
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    ok swaffy!

    count me in
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    ok gsj

    I'd like to e-mail the seller early this afternoon, so if anyone else wants in, please post here or e-mail me.

    (added at 4:05 PM)

    I emailed the seller about two drop ships, one for me, & one for GSJ. Will post as soon as I get a reply.
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