I think this will get more qualified responses here rather than the buying/selling area. And I'm not buying or selling anything, so all the more reason.

I have been in contact with someone I met online who has a couple extra boxed Aliens drop ships and Narcissuses (I hope that's the correct plural). They said they'd quote me a price if I told them how many I want.

I need a drop ship, and if anyone else is intereted, please let me know ASAP how many & max $ you can spend. The seller knows the value of these, so I doubt they'll go too cheap. But I was hoping to get them down to about $40 max on a drop ship, and I don't know on the Narcissus - they sometimes go low & sometimes high on eBay - but hopefully $20 or under for those. I won't know until get back to them with the best possible quantity we're willing to buy at one time.