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    Angry for the love of pete!!!

    is there any way to get todd mcfarlane to take over the star wars line, at least the people part of it?
    i finally found a han endor raid today, i was so excited! until i looked at him close...his left eye is looking up, while his right eye is looking at me! wtf? same thing with an unleashed darth maul!
    hasbro is really losing it!

    could you imagine sw toys with the detail of mcfarlane toys? what a dream come true!
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    I think it would be very interesting to see what McFarlane would do with the line. You have my vote!
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    alright, 2 have signed up so far...time for a crusade!!!!!
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    Aren't all of his figures pretty much statues? At times, Hasbro has great sculpts and articulation. I just wish they were more consistent....and quit making those gimmicks.
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    Statues, eh? Look at the Metal Gear Solid 2 line...

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    If I've learned anything from the Saga line, it's that now more than ever you really have to watch out for good paint jobs. If you only see one of a figure on the pegs, and it has a bad paint job, don't get it on impulse...just wait, you'll see the fig again. I've even had to root around for a good paint job with the new Unleashed figs that cost $15. You would think those at least could have some consistent quality. Oh well.

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    Forhekset, there is a flaw in your logic: I've never seen any Dookus or Hangar Duel Anakins since I got mine.

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    McFarlane would do the best job with Star Wars, they would be amazing. It owuld be cool if he could do like 10 or 12 at first and see what happens.
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    Yes, but McFarlane's figures are larger, so it would be impossible to make as many.


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