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    Buck-Tooth Luke!!!

    Well, I managed to get one of the new X-Wing Luke figures.

    I opened it up and was horrified to notice the big-ol-buck-tooth look on his face!!!

    He looks like a little ratboy!

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Yep, there's another thread called "Luke X-wing Pass the bowl man" that states the same thing...They should at least gave the figure something more than the helmet which BTW is pretty cool.
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    Poor Luke, he starts off mega He-Man sized. Gets shrunk down to a whiny little brother-esqe form, now hes gone bucktoothed on us...Tsk Tsk. Oh well, I still stick to my earlier observation of "he's just showing off what a good dental plan the rebellion has"
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    Sean the Hutt
    Oh my, How did this Happen? I just got mine and have to say, I think I'll go with Porkins! Porkins should have been the Hero! He is the best most wanted pegwarmer out there. Poor Luke here is going to be the figure even peg warmers laugh at! The body sculpt is good but that face and Bababooie teeth! These probably won't be made in huge numbers. My card was a 0.400. and that was the first one I have seen. The new Han is kind of lame too!

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    Luke and Han...

    both kinda blow... I did not find the new Vader yesterday, but I did pick up shrunken head luke and arthritic hip Han. The best thing about Luke--the helmet and that's all. Han has a nice Stormtrooper belt I suppose. But all in all, I think these two figs a step backwards from what the big H has been giving us.

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    I finally got one, and i can't stand it. He looks like a rabbit.
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    Now pop that head off and stick it on the original "He-Man" Luke's body. Now you have a real winner, if your into Arnold Skywalker.

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    Thumbs down you guys are right; i just saw him today :P

    he looks like the buck-toothed moron twins played by rob schneider & kevin nealon in an snl diner skit (tony danza host as i recall). someone asks em what they're havin for breakfast and theyreply:
    rob: "eggs and. . . Toast!"
    kevin: "toast&eggs!!"

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    Originally posted by evenflow
    I finally got one, and i can't stand it. He looks like a rabbit.
    He does look like a rabbit,just give him small bunny ears and hill be fine If I open the one I have Im going to scratch the paint off
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    If i open it, i will be dng the same thing.
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