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    Count Dooku.... grrrrrrrrr R+R

    I still cant find Count Dooku ne where. Where would the best place to look for him?

    BTW i live in NY.
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    Check any EB in town.
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    I've got an extra Dooku MOMC if you want it for cost + shipping. I find all my figures at Super Target and Super Wal-Mart. I'm in Texas, though.

    Good traders/sellers: pthfnder89, jjreason, bobafett07728, TK421, Lord Tenebrous, DahrJin, baby 01, Lman316, jonboy, swfreaker

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    best place to look for dooku is pretty obviously the internet
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    Oh god.......I remember thinking Hasbro will overpopulate stores with figures just like '99...........It's a shame they did it with Ani-Padme-Obi1, but not with the cool figures......
    check online stores......only drawback it surely will be 12-15 bucks
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    yep...thats pretty much your options....ebay or another online store...
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    I don't know if you have a KB Toys there,but they have been real good about thier stock here in Ga.
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