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    Who has the funniest signature statement(s)

    I think mine is on this Diablo avatar because it is reminescent of Clown from the Spawn movie. I can't think of other folks' right now bu t I have read down right funny ones. I like El Chuxter's BEWARE THE MIGHTY GRIN OF KIT FISTO!!!!!
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    My brother JEDIpartnr's is a kind of corny humor:

    "Mace Windu...only you could be so bald."

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    Thank you, thank you. I'd like to thank the Academy, and my parents, and God, and (of course) Kit Fisto for flashing that lady-killin' grin.

    I think JediPartnr's "Only you could be so bald" is definitely up there. Bel-Cam Jos, Eternal Padawan, JediTricks, and e-Jargo can always be counted on to have good ones. I know I'm forgetting some more, so apologies if I forgot you.
    That's my jacket!

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    That's ok, apology accepted.....

    I think everyone has a unique sig statement.
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    Yeah, I'd say the same. I bust up regularly at a LOT of people's sig lines. That one recently about *anakin goes off and slaughters a tribe of tuskins(sic)* was the last one I recall "getting" me pretty good. JWB's sig was chilling.
    Most of the regulars here change them so often that I swear I miss them. If I borrow something from JT as my new sig, I'd say that I thought it was the funniest one I've ever USED, anyways.
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I'd have to say mine. :happy:

    I've seen too many that I can't even list them , alot of people have good signatures.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    LTBasker I like the first line in your sig--but don't understand the other two.

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    Ah, the classic question. First off, here's a thread all about the sig lines:

    2nd, I know what mabudon is getting at.

    3rd, since sig lines change, perhaps including the ones you like or are referring to in your posts would be handy.

    4th, Man Can's is probably the funniest right I've seen lately:
    "I'm just a YES man trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango McCallum

    5th, It's getting time for me to recycle some of my older ones, here are some:
    "You know Biggs, sometimes I just feel like stealing a couple of my uncle's droids, burning his house down, and running off to Mos Eisley to hang out in sleazy bars."

    In the immortal words of Darth Vader, "yippee!"

    "Luke... I may be your father!" - Next on Springer

    Republic credits, the Discover card of the Outer Rim

    "At last, we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last, we will have tutti-fruity."

    "Sir, we've run out of movie lines for the COMMchips!"
    "Bring me my speak-n-spell at once!"

    "I've got a great idea, let's give the next R2-D2 figure a REALLY big leg!"
    "Son, you've got a bright future ahead of you here at Hasbro."

    "You don't know the power of the Dark Side... of the Moon by Pink Floyd! One time, me and Tarkin got really baked and played it backwards at 45 speed... ...and next thing I know, the Emperor is my master."

    How older fans saw The Phantom Menace: "Star Wars was brought to you by the letters 'E' and 'P', and the number '1', and was paid for by a grant from W. M. Keck Foundation."

    "At last, we will reveal ourselves the Jed-diddily-edi; at last, we will have revengerino." - from the journal of Darth Flanders

    "Whadda ya mean these aren't the droids I'm lookin' for? They look just like 'em!"

    "Tell that to Jabba. He may only charge you a low interest rate and minimal penalty fee."

    'Exsqueeze me, what if hesa no surviven? Hesa worthen alotta moolah to meesa, okeyday?'' - Boba Fett, ESB:Nifty Edition

    "Alderaan in flames, missiles heading towards Death Star. Film at eleven."

    "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chan...ces... Hey, where did everybody go?" - Grand Moff Tarkin

    "Everything we have is on the shelves" - the living nightmare continues

    "General Kenobi, years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars Attack of the Clones." - ANH:Nifty Edition

    Dear George, take these words of wisdom when you make Ep 3: "If it does not fit, you must omit"

    "A certain point of view?!? What kind of banthaplop is that?!? How about this, how about 'Obi-Wan is a lying sack o' crap... from a certain point of view!' huh, how do ya like that?!?"

    "...I'd like to see that. Splat! One Dack-shaped stain in three seconds."

    "Dead people, do I see" - Star Wars: Sense of the Sixth

    "I welcome the newest Iron Chef to kitchen stadium. I summon... Iron Chef Hillbilly!
    Today's theme ingredient... ROADKILL!"
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I can be counted on for funny sig lines? I've never really thought mine were that funny, but I'm flattered you think so...thanks El Chuxter

    Mr Jabba John L has the all time funniest in my book:

    "At last I shall reveal myself to the kitchen. At last I shall have my applesauce." --Darth Maul, Age 1

    That one cracks me up still after all these years.

    JT's Space Warz: Obi-Man one always cracks me up, too. I wonder why he left that one off his list ??
    Who's a sexy kitty? Who is? Yes, you are. You're a SEXY kitty...

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    "Comic Collecting. Miss a decade, miss a lot."

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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    "Sir, we've run out of movie lines for the COMMchips!"
    "Bring me my speak-n-spell at once!"
    Ha ha haha hah ha ha hah ah!!!!!

    I love that one!!!

    So true though its scary

    I don't have anything that funny, I just like funny lines in movies
    Dar' is no longer "Live in Orlando" . . . he may "Not be in Orlando" either . . .
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