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    a batttel damage Qui-Gon perhaps?

    We got a Ankain with his arm comming off,we got Mauls cut in half,OUR JANGOS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!!,But still no Qui-Gon with a hole throught his chest,who wants him I know i do.
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    oh dear--i'm not sure about this one--we just got a saga qui-gon, which will probably be the last we see of that chap for a while

    while i won't be adverse to one when hasbro decides to make it--as long as it's well-done--i'm not going to specifically ask for it

    we still need tey hwo, daultay dofine, lott dodd, and so many other tpm figures!
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    Just drill a hole in his chest, then if you want to be original and are skilled with it, drive a soddering iron through the hole to melt the sides to make it look like it was burned by a lightsaber.
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    Kuzu. you forgot to mention Vader ROTJ and Vader Dagobah
    I don't really need a dead qui-gon since it would be a one-posewonder and they wouldn't get the face-expression right
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    They'd probably give him an expression similar to GR Mace. *shudders*
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    actully Qui-Gon didn't make a nasty face he made more of a oh crap what just happen face.but none the less i want a final duel qui gon.
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    I would not much like a 'dead Gui-Gon' figure. LTBasker had a good idea though, I've known several people who have done that.
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    Yeah, why give Hasbro any more reason to release more cases with repeat figures that only litter the aisle floors. It would be too easy to just make your own.

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    Originally posted by mylow thehutt
    actully Qui-Gon didn't make a nasty face he made more of a oh crap what just happen face.but none the less i want a final duel qui gon.
    More like a "final minutes of his life Qui-Gon"
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    Im not so sure about that one...It wouldnt be useful (Display-wise unless he was dead, that is). It would look strange to have him fighting with a bloody hole in his chest. It wouldnt have a lightsaber either, methinks. Or they could do an interchangeable chestplate like the SBD, but that would be stupid on a human figure. Id like to have him laying there while Obi-Wan fights Maul, but thats about the only reason I would like it. After all, the Jango and Anakin and Maul's removable parts CAN be put back on so they can fight normally, but you cant exactly remove a hole form someones chest. Oh well, theres my useless commentary.
    And I agree with Anarky...There are other characters we need more than a Qui-Gon carcass. After Hasbro makes those, then maybe...
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