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    Need: Palpatine, Dexter, Boba, Luminara...


    *Han Solo - Endor Raid "White Droid Caller Variation"
    *Chewbacca - Cloud City Capture
    *Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Starfighter Pilot


    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
    Dexter Jettster w/ background
    Boba Fett w/ background
    Luminara Unduli "Removable Cloak Variation"

    Looking for MOMC "or as close as possible." No creases, dings, bends, etc. on either the card or bubble. Allot of times these figures have creases on the back of the card where the bubble is attached.

    *MOMC "or as close as possible."

    Thanks for the read!
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