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    I agree they are neat looking.

    But I hope they fit in with the species that uses them . . . does anyone know who it will be? I hope they do not assign them to a technological race like the Geonosians.

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    Forgive me for for my ignorance, but since when have these designs been called 'whatnots' ? I remember the designs being around for years and in various books like the art of return of the jedi, and they were called THRANTA. Every piece of info I've seen has called them that. Where the hell did this 'whatnot' business come from? SHEESH! If they were originally going to be called whatnots then I'm glad they didn't get used in the movies. I hope to god they don't call them that in this movie. It's a name straight from the school of no imagination. Whoever came up with that name must have graduated with honours....

    However, I amd actually warming to the idea of the creatures in the light of the information we already have about episode two. I now want a beast pack of this thing so i can have Obi-Wan in his starfighter attacking the dumb whale.

    Why does it get called a flying whale? It looks nothing like a whale at all. It looks like a cross between a Manta ray and a bird of some description. But nothing like a whale.

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    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    Whales flying or not.Hey, why not.It worked in Star Trek.
    But this isn't Star Trek.

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    Why does it get called a flying whale? It looks nothing like a whale at all. It looks like a cross between a Manta ray and a bird of some description. But nothing like a whale.
    It maybe called a whale,but thats what they call them on whatever planet they are on. I think they'll be used by the Geonosians cause I don't think they'll use them on Coruscant and Tatooine.Possible could be used on Naboo but I think Geonosians will have the Whales
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    I reckon Kamino will be their home. Unless GL pulled a fast one and filmed scenes on Alderaan without any of it getting leaked. These 'whales' were originally destined to be high plains riders mounts on Alderaan in ANH before they dumped that side of the story.

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    I agree that the whale would look absolutely awesome on a planet like Geonosian. I mean think about it, it's a planet that is all water. The sea life will obviously have evolved to exploit every conceivable means of movement. We even have flying fish here on earth! With the rainy fight scene, the pics we've seen of the city in the ocean in the midst of swirling waterfalls, I think it's only appropriate to have some huge animal, like a whale, that is capable of flying. Even though the Geonosian's are technologically advanced, they work with life (cloning), not against it. If they have simple creatures to use to their benefits, I'm sure they'll exploit it. I love the idea, just not on Tatooine!
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    I have no problems with these creatures being in the film. I don't even care if they are called "whatnots"... seriously, we never even heard anyone refer to the giant patrol lizards as "Dewbacks" or the Jawas' beasts of burden referred to as "Rontos". I just hope they are used wisely and not made to speak a la that flying dog-lizard in "Neverending Story".
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    In the background on Alderraan, I could accept these creatures, but as a main mode of transport or a major plot device, I could not see that working.
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    As long as they look cool I could care less if they make sense or not. Logic is secondary to eye-candy when it comes to Star Wars films.

    As for unoriginal names what about: Amanaman, Bib Fortuna, Klaatu, Barada, Nikto, Jar Jar, Darth Maul, Mon Calamari and Qeequay? Not to mention stuff like Hammerhead, Walrusman, Squidhead, etc.
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    Get it straight:

    Kamino is the water planet and the Kaminoans(?) are the cloners.
    This is the first new planet we see, where Obi-Wan fights Jango in the rain.

    Geonosis is the rocky red planet, the second new planet we see, and the location of the arena scenes and the final battle (for E2).
    The Geonosian capital serves as a base for the Confederacy, and it is a location for battle droid manufacturing.

    Thrantas are from Alderaan, seen in the picture so kindly provided, so they might be used in Epiosde 3. Some were exported to Bespin (Cloud City) where they thrived, during the 18 years before Alderaan was destroyed in Episode 4.


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