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    Chewbacca question!

    Is he Blacklight compatible?? Ha ha just kidding. But I was just wondering how tall is he? He looks pretty big. And is he the best Chewie ever? he seems to be from to pics on the net.

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    He is a bit taller than the others. I don't know...we haven't had many good Chewies.

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    As long as he's as big as The Mechanic version from POTJ, I'll be as sound as a pound!
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    Death Star Plans has a nice comparison photo:

    POTJ Mechanic Chewie has the best head sculpt...the Saga Chewie, like many others, lacks the sculpted head hair. I might try for a head swap. Saga Chewie has the best articulation. And for your definitive version, you'll have to buy or trade for a bowcaster.
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    They don't show Bendie Chewie!

    I wish in the comparison shot with the POTJ Chewies, that Saga Chewie's legs weren't bent so he'd be standing straight up.
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    Just shows how far we've come since POTF!
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    Very well-done!

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    Tall?! He towers over a PotF2 Darth Vader. I do hate the pouch hanging of his leg, it looks as though he got crap stuck to his fur. I also can't rig the net so that it hangs off him somehow.

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    Very cool picture! Does that deathstarplans site have comparison photos like that for all the characters?

    I for one don't plan to use the new Chewie for my Bespin Escape mini diorama. Mechanic Chewie fits that roll, with POTF2 pull-apart Threepio on his back, perfectly. I plan to use the new Chewie to go alongsie my POTJ Bespin Han, their sculpting and aritculation are consistent with each other and they'll look awesome in front of my Falcon. I might have to swipe the Bowcaster from 25th Chewie though.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker

    I wish in the comparison shot with the POTJ Chewies, that Saga Chewie's legs weren't bent so he'd be standing straight up.
    I think the Chewie in question there is the one from the 25th anniversay two-pack. Why they'd include a permenently crouching figure in such a comparison shot is beyond me. I'd be very surprised if Saga Chewie wasn't the exact same height as Chewie Mechanic.
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