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    Hit a dry spell

    I've been on the look-out for series 7 recently and have found nothing yet. None of the local comic shops have received anything and they're usualy some of the first to get 'em. I have noticed that Targets don't seem to be carrying anything Simpsons these days. And they had the best prices in town too...$4.99.

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    The last I've seen are S.6 with Mascot Homer, Karl, etc., I've seen them everywhere. KB, TRU (briefly), Wal-Mart.

    I'm trying to do a little back-tracking and pick up some of the figures I've missed, what series was Lenny in?
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    I believe that Lenny is a member of the fourth series.

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    What happened to all the Simpsons toys? The only place that seems to carry Simpsons any more is TRU, and it's not even the newest wave. Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc. all seem to have abandoned the line.
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    What series is Cletus in, anyone? Has he been released yet?

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    Series 8?
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    Hi Guys! I just picked up all of Series 7 at Target today. I got Dolph, Officer Lou, Cletus, Hans Moleman, Officel Marge, Mrs. Krabapel, and Muumuu Homer w/ Simpson's Kitchen playset. It was a big shock to see them ALL there fully stocked!

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    I found the complete series 7 at several stores across the Los Angeles metroplex today. Target $4.99, TRU $5.99, Things From Another World $7.99. Great score and a great series!!!

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    I agree! Series 7 is one of the best.
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    I will need to get out to my local Target on the way home tonight. Bubba Fatt told me he had seen them a few places in this area. I don't know where I'm going to keep all of these guys any more, the series is getting so huge, but they are great figures! I did pass on the Krusty Burger with Pimply Faced Teen at TRU, so I'd better get something soon, before I miss out!
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